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  1. partravetett mamusz

    Actually it is quite bad. It’s a lowly shoot’n’slash game without the few advantages of the other games in the genre. There is no character development, no looting, weapon/armour/etc upgades are useless, the sidekick robot will get itself killed more times that you care to count, camera angle restriction is really annoying in some cases(you cant shoot up at elevated areas beacause of the camera :O), story turns from interesting to pathetic in the second half of the game, there is relatively little enemy variation, and the moral choice near the end makes laughable difference in the outcome of the game. Also did i mention the bloody monotonous grind the game is for the most part?

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  2. Xan

    It’s not as good as Dungeon Siege though sadly.

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  3. GyokZoli

    Space Siege in spite of the bad reviews is not a bad game actually. Well worth the 5 euros if someone likes ARPGs.

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