In Duke We Trust?

The most waited and resurrected game is now on our doorstep. After 12 years of failures and money loss it is finally coming true. The game is developed by Gearbox, the maker of Borderlands and other cool titles, and should come out early 2011 (Valve time).

Lately Gearbox wanted to distribute Duke Nukem Forever demo only for Borderlands Game Of The Year edition buyers, but now is announced that Duke demo will be free for everyone. Borderlands GOTY will be released on Friday, so this means most likely that DNF demo is not ready yet :)



This post contains video, pictures and a poll at the end, so have fun :)

Do you wanna play it?

11:52 – »Dragoon«: You own borderlands on steam?
11:53 – »Dragoon«: right click on borderlands in your library then cd-key
11:54 – »Dragoon«: you should find a cd-key for duke nukem fist access club
11:54 – »Dragoon«: go here to register
11:54 – »Dragoon«: :)

“The demo is going to go out to everybody, yeah,” Gearbox’s marketeer Steve Gibson told Digital Spy.

“When we put Borderlands out this wasn’t even possible to do or contemplate. So that’s kind of difficult, but yeah, the demo is coming out for everybody.”

Gibson reckons this sort of talk convinces people that Duke Nukem Forever is finally real. “We want people to know that, ‘Holy crap, they’re actually making plans!” he said.

“These guys are making concrete plans, they’re are putting stuff in a box already with Duke’s face on it. It’s actually like a certificate, and you’ll see that it’s like ‘In Duke We Trust’. It’s fun. We’re thrilled to death.”

Gibson said people will be “surprised” by the demo “at what we put in there and what happens with it”. However, he’s not going to “spoil the surprise” just yet.

The demo has no date, but the Game of the Year Edition of Borderlands will be released on Friday.

Source: Eurogamer, Gamespot


A gameplay video to enjoy:


Few screens to enjoy:



Poll to enjoy :)

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Hail to the king?

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  1. Zuko


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  2. Pyro Gourmand

    Xiyng is right.

    Sadly, that’s the new rule : everything that can be sold, will… hm MUST be sold.

    I hope they won’t mess up the game though, I have serious doubts on that release :x You don’t make a Duke Nukem like you make yet-another-CoD-clone…

    I mean, Gearbox are cool guys and all, but look at what they released : Half-Life expansion packs (OP & BS, okay), CS:CZ, the Brother In Arms series (okay, still yet-another-generic-ww2-FPS) and Borderlands (somewhat good).

    The only thing that come close to Duke Nukem is Borderlands (in terms of original content, humor and enemies), my fears are they’ll either make a “Borderlands : Duke Edition” or just miss what Duke Nukem is about. Wait (lol) & see, sure

    [ TL ;DR rant ]
    Now demos are only available to customers who preordered, or paid for a premium membership (ex : Gold XBL) or paid for a different service (gaming news website), even if they were (in the first place) supposed to be a way for hesitating people to check the games out before buying…

    They’re calling an early access to a beta version “demo” ; it’s a lie.

    They’re calling some additional content they did not created after releasing the “complete” game, that was already in development before the project went Gold, some of them are even on the discs (= not “Downloadable” content), “DLC” ; it’s a lie.

    Ten years ago, for the same price we had a complete game with just a CD-check + serial key, we could install it an infinite time, on an infinite number of different computers, without any form of Internet activation/constant connection required.

    Nowadays, for the same price you get a crippled/limited licence with less content, pushing the “real” price to 70€/80€ (+ DRM) [/ TL ;DR rant ]

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  3. EviL

    10x4info i will check out … only god news here

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  4. Xiyng

    I think the game is going to disappoint… But what am I to judge so soon. I’ll wait for the demo and see for myself. It’s the King after all.

    Anyway, I find it something to worry about that we get “lucky” the demo will be available to everyone. I mean, shouldn’t that be the case and anything else the exception? Like with patches and dedicated servers, people act like we’re lucky to get them while in reality it should be pretty clear we’re getting them. Patches are charged for too often these days, and dedicated servers are becoming too rare.

    As much as I like console gaming in addition to PC gaming, that’s what I blame for all this. The last few years, gaming has gone downhill on every front. PC games are just sloppy console ports (with a few exceptions), console games get content that should be in the game as paid DLC. Social gaming is on the rise which is not too threatening but I see it as an uncomfortable change anyway. It could mean a change in the way publishers treat the gaming community.

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  5. Kossak

    it is of course not worth waiting 12 years, because Gearbox is making it for much less time! 2 years?

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  6. Faark

    Well, lets hope the game is worth 12 years waiting (I never played another duke [to young :(], so the name/license doesn’t mean anything for me)

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  7. MarkAltair

    god !

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  8. slay

    more like serious sam :)

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  9. wat wat

    looks like worms3d

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