Valve invites developers to discuss and test Steam

Valve has announced a two-day game developer’s conference in Seattle called “Steam Dev Days” that will allow game creators from around the globe to speak in roundtable discussions, attend industry lectures, and test out SteamOS, the Steam Controller, and an assortment of Steam machines.

Considering the event’s not being held until mid-January, it’s a safe bet we won’t see any of Valve’s recent announcements on store shelves this year. After all, professional feedback tends to be the most effective before a product is available to the public. Developers have until Oct. 25 to guarantee themselves a spot, otherwise it’s first-come-first-serve.

Valve’s calling it an “off the record” event, meaning the press and general public are barred from attending. If you’re a developer, however, some bright ideas and $95 are the cost of admission, though I doubt Valve actually checks how good your ideas are before letting you in.

Source: PC Gamer

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