The European Commission will examine the legality of regional blocks on Steam

The European Commission is going to take a look at region blocks on Steam. Can we count on non-region blocked games in the future? We all do realize that regionally blocked games are cheaper in certain regions and that’s OK I guess but, according to The European Commission, Valve is breaking the laws of fair trade between the European Union’s countries.

I think I have sent a letter to them around 2012-2013 and even did a petition (like that ever works haha… but at least they’ve responded and also here) but all of my letters from back in the day were basically ignored saying that Valve can do whatever they can. It seems that now they’ve got a lot of requests from different countries and finally decided to do something about it which is really good for us.

But Steam is not all because companies like Bandai Namco, Capcom or others are also on gunpoint because they enforce those region blocks on Steam. The whole case just started but Valve is obviously going to do something about it, question is are we going to like it or not? I will keep you posted about this issue and post more about it in the future.

G2A to start selling bundles as one-time purchase or as a yearly subscription in 2017

G2A is going to sell bundles of really cool game titles at low prices in early 2017, you can either subscribe to, or make a one-time purchase in order to receive game bundles of carefully selected triple A and indie game titles for an amazing price. So basically what Humble Store already does with their monthly subscription.

Although the official name for these bundles is still a secret, we can already tell you what to expect – and that is a lot.

Each bundle will contain a few game titles. These games will be specifically and carefully selected every month, and will include well known triple A titles, as well as hand-picked indie games. Each new month means a new bundle – full of different specially selected games.

G2A will give you full disclosure about what games are included in these bundles before you buy them. This is not a random key offer – this is knowing exactly what you are paying for, but getting it for a phenomenal price. We cannot reveal the exact cost yet.

Customers will be able to get the bundle either as a one-time purchase, or as a yearly subscription. Stay tuned for more information in 2017, including titles, prices, and of course, the launch date.

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Steam: Mobile app update coming in early 2017

According to various media around the globe Valve Software is currently working on it’s Steam mobile app. It appears that in early 2017 you will be able to watch streams of some sort of video materials on your mobile device – documentaries, tutorials, full length movies and even TV shows.


Steam video library keeps on expanding, over the last few months they have added a lot of videos to the library, although it’s limited by region it’s still pretty impressive.

Would you be using Steam instead of services like Netflix or HBO?

Deep Silver week on GamersGate, up to 80% off!

If you want to get some cheap Dead Island, Metro 2033 series, Saints Row The Third and other games go ahead and click here. Deep Silver is having a sale on GamersGate up to 80% off! Those games are Steam redeemable naturally.

Dead Island Deal GamersGate

First birthday sale on Games Republic, special event coming soon for Steam Unpowered users!

Hey guys, our partners on Games Republic are having their first birthday sale. You can check out the deals on their site by clicking here. A special event for you guys where you can win stuff coming up tomorrow! :)

Games Republic Birthday Sales

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GamersGate: End Of The Year Sale

Couple of nice deals on GamersGate, check them out in here. Featuring: Company of Heroes 2, Valkyria Chronicles, Total War: Rome II, Alien Isolation and more. They all work on Steam so you can register a key safely.

End of year sale GG

Lord of The Rings sale on GameFly!


Save 66% on several titles including the below titles:

  • The Lord of the Rings: War in the North
  • LEGO: The Lord of the Rings
  • LEGO The Hobbit
  • Guardians of Middle-earth
  • Guardians of Middle-earth: Mithril Edition
  • Guardians of Middle-earth: Smaug’s Treasure
  • Guardians of Middle-earth: The Company of Dwarves Bundle
  • Guardians of Middle-earth: The Warrior Bundle
  • Guardians of Middle-earth: The Striker Bundle
  • Guardians of Middle-earth: The Defender Bundle
  • Guardians of Middle-earth: The Tactician Bundle
  • Guardians of Middle-earth: The Enchanter Bundle

Additional voucher for 15% off:


Rayman Legends 75% off, UPlay redeemable

Easily one of the best platformers of the current gaming age, it looks amazing and plays even better – now on sale on GMG at 75% off (you can even make it cheaper by applying the extra 25% off voucher below!). Get it because it’s funny, too bad it has no online cooperative mode :(

Rayman Legends 75 off UPlay redeemable

The voucher code is: SEPTEM-BEROFF-ER25XX

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Civilization V Complete $13.20 / £11.54, Steam redeemable

Green Man Gaming has Civilization titles up to 75% off as well as other stores but their promo stacks with voucher E93D4T-5XG1JG-CYU67Q for another 20% off. Probably the best offer around! Check it right here.

Civilization V Complete GMG Steam

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