GamersGate: End Of The Year Sale

Couple of nice deals on GamersGate, check them out in here. Featuring: Company of Heroes 2, Valkyria Chronicles, Total War: Rome II, Alien Isolation and more. They all work on Steam so you can register a key safely.

End of year sale GG

Fortnite alpha begins today!

If you’re lucky enough you can play Fortnite from Epic Games today. You can sign up for the alpha access by clicking here. If you’ve registered on the site few years back – when it was announced as a coop, Unreal Engine 4 game – just wait for your invite.

Fortnite Alpha

What’s Fortnite? Watch the video below:

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New Unreal Tournament now officially available for testing!

Hey guys! Brand new Unreal Tournament game is now officially available for download. Just create an account on this page and get the game from here (you need to be logged in to see the links, we will not post direct links here because UT devs asked for it). This is just a preview release, not a final product of course.

New Unreal is going to be completely free with every stage of the production visible to players. Gamers close cooperation gives the best results, eliminates frustration and engages the players and builds a community around title long before the official release.

Unreal Tournament

The preview build of the game is available for Windows (32 and 64 bit builds!), Linux and Mac OS X. The 64 bit Windows client is only 1GB.

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Poll Time: Your thoughts on Windows 9?

We all know by now that Windows 8.1 (on desktops and laptops without touchscreens) was a disaster. It simply sucked. However, Windows 9 conference is taking place in less than a week, unfortunately no live stream is going to be there, so we can’t be sure that Windows 9 beta is coming out on that day or not – September 30th that is. For now we only know this:

September 30th Windows 9 BETA Microsoft

Are you at all excited about the new system? Do you plan on switching from Windows 7? Latest rumor is that it will only support 64-bit machines and all GUI elements will support screens with resolution bigger than 4K – no more pixelated icons! Vote in poll below!

Windows 9?

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The biggest highlights of the new OS are of course the comeback of Start Menu, but it has been redesigned and now it supports the metro apps that you can pin. The metro start screen is gone along with other useless touch screen elements. Metro apps will launch in windowed mode on desktops which is nice as well. And the last cool feature is the notification bar (not seen on the screenshot below) which will inform you about all things that happen in the system (new messages, calendar events etc.).


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Steam Discovery has launched, client updated

Well well, here’s a nice update for the Steam store, it looks so much better now and has some improved features like recommended tags etc. and the client got a small visual update as well. Good job Valve now fix your prices in Europe! ;-)

Steam Discovery has launched, store updated

And here’s the updated client, notice the little gamepad icon instead of BIG PICTURE button on the top right. The app seems less gray now and they’ve added some blue elements to it, it’s still too gray for me though.

Steam client updated as well

Read more about new features and changes in here.

Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel – Save 30%!

The new Borderlands game is almost out and it’s 30% off on Green Man Gaming (GMG). To get the game at 30% off use this voucher at checkout: ND2JKN-ILMSZI-E7JQ02. Additionally your next GMG purchase is going to be 40% off.

unnamed (1)

Poll Time: Favorite game developer

Hey guys, I’ve been thinking lately about my favorite developer, gaming developer that is. And it’s really hard to pick one but I guess it’s either Rockstar Games or Valve Software. Both of those made several gaming masterpieces and set the bar extremely high for all future developers. What are your picks?


Who is your favorite game developer?

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Big Fucking Giveaway winners!

Update: So I think most of you got the prize by now and some of you still have to wait for the sponsors to respond, so if I know anything I will send it to you asap. Also I think I messed up something below, I’ve posted Inquisitor Deluxe Edition winners twice by accident, so I’m gonna have to send you some kind of replacements soon (the users are: GZAlafff, nelletty) sorry for that. Sorry for that, had a busy couple of days earlier!

Almost 1050 people participated in our BIG FUCKING GIVEAWAY. Sorry you’ve been waiting so long for the results. Some of winners logged in with Steam so they are linked below as well, others will receive an e-mail. You should get your games/software in 24 hours (please accept my Steam friend request or add me first if you like), if not please send an e-mail to BFG winners (all random):



10 SmartPixel Licenses (for 1 year)












Watch_Dogs + Watch_Dogs DLC


Borderlands 2 GOTY

Good Guy Al



Hard Reset Extended Edition



Zeno Clash 2


Age of Empires 2 HD Edition + The Forgotten

Huey the Infected Cyborg

Painkiller Hell & Damnation


Shaun White Skateboarding


Combat Wings: Battle of Britain


Inquisitor Deluxe Edition



Inquisitor Deluxe Edition (mistake!, new free game soon)



The First Templar


Tropico Trilogy


Hotline Miami


Disciples III: Reincarnation


Deadly 30


Fearless Fantasy


Muffin Knight


Street Racing Syndicate


I am Vegend – Zombiegeddon


Iron Grip: Warlord + Scorched Earth DLC





Razor 2 Hidden Skies




Anomaly Warzone Earth






New sponsor to the BFG!

Once again thanks to all the sponsors:

Coop games are back – Far Cry 4, Dead Island 2 and AC: Unity

Yes! Good old coop gaming is back, first Far Cry 4 and Assassin’s Creed Unity coop announcement.

FC4 Screen

Far Cry 4 and a pretty angry elephant, coop starts at around 5 minutes of the video
Coop starts around 4 minutes of the vid. Looks pretty good!

And now Dead Island 2 trailer hits the web, check it out:

This is good but notice it’s no longer developed by Techland?
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E3: Amazing experience for the first time ever! WTF

That was sarcasm indeed. Are you watching the E3 right now? Have you seen Xbox and EA conference? Microsoft didn’t show anything good (a Halo remake? really? that’s it? no PC love?), EA had some good moments with Sims 4, the new Dragon Age and possibly another Mass Effect game – skipping all that sport games, not into that.

And by the way why the fuck are the guys on SPIKE TV talking about every single title like it’s a 10/10 game before it even went out. I hate it that those hosts on the E3 show are all about to orgasm from the amount of “amazing” games they’re showing. I know it’s money but come on!!!


But seriously Battlefield Hardline looks like another copy of Battlefield in some concrete crappy city with shiny streets and shit. Oh and speaking of street new Criterion Games title looks awesome!

Now waiting for Ubisoft. Will give another crappy report.

Are you watching E3 2014?

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BTW Origin seems to be down thanks to the Battlefield Hardline beta annoucement on E3… games are gone from players lists and orders don’t come thourgh (got The Sims 3 expansion few minutes ago and it says it’s “pending”…).

Spring Giveaway 2014 Winners!

Hello guys, sorry about the long wait, here are the winners! :) Check your private messages on site (top notification bar on site!) for the game codes or game gift links. Thank you for participating and keep an eye on Easter 2014 events on Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus!!! Thanks to CDKeyPrices as well.

Note: If you’ve won please leave a comment below! :)

Spring Lottery Winners


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