Weekend Deals (20.08.2017)

Rainy Sunday? No problems, play some games! ☔🌧️


Last day of Summer Sale!


The Evil Within 2 €27.89

Special Steam Unpowered 3% off voucher: UNPWR

Agents of Mayhem €33.69

and the Weekly Sale is up as usual – click here to see the games on sale

Special Steam Unpowered 3% off voucher: UNPWR

Weekend Sale

G2Play Weekend Templates

Special Steam Unpowered 3% off voucher: UNPWR

Sleeping Dogs Definitive Edition €5.98


Total War Warhammer €19.19 (Use SUMMER10 at checkout for 10% off!)

Aven Colony €20.49

F1 2017 at 20% off!


Alien: Isolation $5.00

Special Steam Unpowered 5% off voucher: UNPWR

DiRT 4 €36.00

ARK: Survival Evolved £9.15

“You Are Not Alone” in partnership with GamesPlanet!

The Town of Light: Charity-Event “You Are Not Alone” in partnership with GamesPlanet :-)

Mental health is a topic that concerns us all. Affected people often suffer quietly and secretly, have difficulties to make real-life friendships, practice professions or, in general, are having hard times to enjoy life. Social isolation often threatens. Depressions, anxiety, psychosis, mental illness, are haunting in the minds of those people, often associated with various physical symptoms.

We all know fellow human beings who are dependent on the support of family, friends or colleagues. They need us. These people should not be alone, so please take a moment to look around and see if there is someone in the need for a boost, some help, or even just a casual chat. Talking can often help quite a bit for the large majority of people. Help is out there… You are not alone.

The game is available at Gamesplanet right now, and if you purchase this adventure game prior to September 6th 2017 then GamesPlanet’s net income will be transferred to the “You Are Not Alone” promotion, in addition to the share the publisher donates.

Wired Productions, the publisher of The Town of Light which became the catalyst for starting a year-long campaign to raise awareness for mental health, decided to give away proceeds from all sales of the game and raise money through fundraising activities to support great charities like TakeThis and others in an attempt to ‘make some noise’.

The first promotion starts today August 16th up and lasts until September 6th. During this period Wired Productions will put 25% of all their net receipts from digital sales (on all formats) into a fund to be distributed to charities that help cases involving Mental Health. GamesPlanet will also be supporting this bold move and promises to donate the full sales margin on top, to support raising money and increase attention for mental health issues.

Leo Zullo has been in the video games industry for over 20 years. In 2008, he co-founded Wired Productions and the company has been independent ever since. He had this to say regarding the charity promotion:

When you look at your own life and circle, you realise the extent of the situation. There have been lots of people around me suffering, usually in silence. Friends have been sectioned, attempted and even committed suicide. I’ve borne witness to people having psychotic episodes, dealing with severe depression and anxiety attacks. This is just my circle, everyday people who are having to deal with mental illness in silence. The biggest personal irony is that, had the Italian Government not closed down Volterra 30 years ago, I would be going there to visit one of its patients today.

The Town of Light – The first in a series to support mental health

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The game, based on extensive research and inspired by real facts, is a first-person psychological story driven adventure game set in the Volterra Psychiatric Asylum. Based in Tuscany, Italy, the asylum was shut down in the late 1970’s by a law from the Italian government which instructed all asylums to close completely and give back patients their civil rights. Explore the asylum as it stands to this day and uncover the good and the bad that humankind has to offer.

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GamersGate: Couple of games currently on sale!

GamersGate is having a nice sale – Plug in Digital games are now cheaper, see them right here.

FlatOut series (the crazy stunt racing games) are up to 80% off:

Additionally Rockstar Games are currently cheaper as well:

GamesPlanet: PAC-MAN series now cheaper!

PAC-MAN games are currently extra cheap on GamesPlanet guys, check out the discounted titles below.

Here are the deals:

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G2A: Weekly Sale is now available!

Another weekly sale on G2A is now available – games like Tekken 7 (€36.84), Far Cry Primal (€20.79), Overwatch (€23.69) and PREY (€26.00) are currently on sale.

Weekend Deals (09.07.2017)

Here are some nice discounts guys!

Special Steam Unpowered 3% off voucher: UNPWR

Rising Storm 2: Vietnam €11.10


Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare €9.19

Special Steam Unpowered 3% off voucher: UNPWR

Killing Floor 2 €6.19


Batman: Arkham VR €11.99

Metro Exodus €39.95


HassleHeart £0.20

SUMMER SALE now live!

G2Play Weekend Templates

Special Steam Unpowered 3% off voucher: UNPWR

Fallout 4 €13.49


SUMMER SALE is now live!

Special Steam Unpowered 5% off voucher: UNPWR

Lifeless €9.99

ARK: Survival Evolved £9.15

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TOP 3 GAMES to play when you’re pissed off!

Every once in a while you get pissed off about something, right? It’s either a bad day at school / uni / work or it’s just one of those days when you don’t wanna wake up, everything is fucked because everybody sucks. Here are three Steam games to play when you’re pissed off!

Killing Floor 2

There’s nothing better than killing some stupid bots and scoring some headshots when you’re mad.

The first game is pretty obvious. Just make sure you don’t play with guys who are particularly into the game – you know what I’m talking about, guys who take it all waaaaay too seriously and just want to complete every map perfectly. Unless you like griefing… it might help in a quick short run when you play online.

It’s really fun to play this one (even solo) because you just focus on the waves of retarded clots and crawlers and forget about anything else. Leveling up is rewarding and buying new weapons while killing those assholes is fun as hell – I mean trying the guns out and all that.

Killing Floor 2 is one of those games where you can actually feel that you’re shooting at someone, if you know what I mean. Despite of what I’ve said earlier about the game (when it was still in Early Access) it’s a pretty nice title after all the patching and content it has received over the least few months.

If you’re pissed off at the moment go kill some ZEDs. Here are some cheap offers for Killing Floor 2:

  1. Grab it on Kinguin for €9.49 (get extra 3% off with UNPWR)
  2. Grab it on G2A for €10.34 (get extra 3% off with UNPWR)
  3. Grab it on CDKeys.com €11.69


I have finished this one recently and it’s shit loads of fun! If you prefer more classic approach to picking up guns and power ups directly on the arena or by killing the bad guys and jumping around like a maniac this one is for you.

The visuals in DOOM are sometimes breathtaking. Liters (or gallons if you’re from that side of the planet) of blood shoot at your screen when you fight the demons. There’s nothing more rewarding in this game than ripping demon’s head off with a double barrel shotgun or ripping it in half with a chainsaw.

Sounds hardcore but it sure is fun!

The multiplayer part of the game is pretty solid but full of pros (at least when I’ve tried it) so if you’re a casual gamer just go ahead and skip that part because it will make you feel even worse.

Here are some cheap offers for DOOM:

  1. Grab it on G2A for €10.44 (get extra 3% off with UNPWR)
  2. Grab it on Kinguin for €11.26 (get extra 3% off with UNPWR)
  3. Grab it on CDKeys.com €11.69

Postal 2

When the other two fail you have to reach for the big guns.

Postal 2 is so messed up that you won’t even remember why you’re pissed off after 20 minutes of playing. Literally pissing on people? Check. Setting cats on fire? Check. Killing Osama Bin Laden and religious nuts? Check.

There’s no other game that went this far. Maybe except for the latest clone of Postal (the first one) called HATRED. But this one – even though it’s a really good game – doesn’t have any humor in it.

Postal 2 comes with a new DLC that came out not so long ago. The DLC is even longer than the base game and you should check that out as well. Running With Scissors did a great job on this one!

Here are some offers for Postal 2:

  1. Grab it with DLC on G2A for €2.00 (get extra 3% off with UNPWR)
  2. Grab it on Kinguin for €3.28 (get extra 3% off with UNPWR)
  3. Grab it on G2Play.net for €3.28

That would be the end of the list. To me those games are like… sort of therapy? Some people drink, some people smoke and others play the shit out of their favorite games.

Weekend Deals (04.06.2017)

It’s the first weekend of June with some nice games on sale, check them all out below!

Special Steam Unpowered 3% off voucher: UNPWR

Weekly Sale is up!

Mass Effect Andromeda €29.39

Rising Storm 2: Vietnam – Digital Deluxe €11.55


Rising Storm 2: Vietnam €9.89 (cheapest offer online – Standard Edition)

Get Even €20.69

Call of Duty: World War II €32.69

Special Steam Unpowered 3% off voucher: UNPWR

Weekend Sale + FREE Keys every few hours!


Best of Indie Legends Bundle

GTA Games on Sale!

Demon’s Age €27.49


Depth Digital Deluxe Edition £5.99

Tekken 7 – 18% off!

Borderlands games on sale!

G2Play Weekend Templates

Special Steam Unpowered 3% off voucher: UNPWR



Portal Knights $16.99

Special Steam Unpowered 5% off voucher: UNPWR

Mafia III €11.99

The brand new design of the store is now live!

Just Cause 3 £12.50

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