Valve Anti-Cheat (VAC): Another proof that false positive bans are real

Since I've started using Steam back in 2007 I had this little obsession of mine, well more of a concern. You see, every now and then I have some sort of paranoia that I might get VAC banned for no reason, like I sometimes read online. I used to be very cautious of what I'm running in the background, even if it's just a music player. Who knows how Steam/VAC…


You can’t gift Counter-Strike: Global Offensive during the Summer Sale

I wanted to buy a copy for my buddy yesterday and I saw that the game was not giftable at all, I couldn't even buy it to my inventory. It just said I already have the game and can't do that. Meanwhile people on reddit were going nuts and some guy from Valve responded with this: This is how you get the alternative stores more popular Valve, not the other…

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Counter-Strike: Global Offensive available on Linux!

Valve keeps porting their games to Linux for the Steam OS and now you can play CS:GO as well, there was no official statement yet but you can just open up Steam on Linux and see that the game is going to work just fine. Global Offensive supports SteamPlay which means you just have to buy one copy of the game to play it on Windows, Mac and Linux. Source:…


Counter-Strike: Source Beta available!

Available immediately, Valve has launched an extensive update to Counter-Strike: Source, now in beta. The update includes a host of new features and functionality developed in collaboration with Hidden Path Studios. This beta will run for a limited time, and once complete, the update will be deployed to all Counter-Strike: Source owners for free via Steam. Please submit any bugs or feedback on the Counter-Strike: Source Beta forum Features new…


Weekend Deal – 75% off Counter-Strike: Source

This weekend only, save 75% off the revolutionary action multiplayer game Counter-Strike: Source. Offer ends Monday, December 14th. US: $19.99 $5.00 UK: £13.99 £3.50 (14% higher) EU tier 1: 19,99€ 5,--€ (47% higher) EU tier 2: 14,99€ 3,75€ (10% higher)

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