Warcraft III: Reforged – here’s why it sucks and how to get a refund

Warcraft fans are really pissed off this time. Blizzard released the remake of Warcraft III and it's expansion Frozen Throne on January 29th 2020. It all went downhill afterwards. The game is nothing like the BlizzCon 2018 and BlizzCon 2019 presentations. The main bugs are: the old game is now nowhere to be found, instead of your original Warcraft III and the add-on (2GB) you now have to download the…

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Steam: Watch out for false VAC bans!

There is a huge problem with Valve Anti-Cheat system at the moment. It seems that they have enabled a brand new manual rule that triggers a VAC ban on certain Steam accounts. If you launch Steam on Linux with an account name (OS account, not Steam account!) that contains "Catbot" you WILL be banned on Steam. Permanently. Why does that even happen? It's because of a certain Team Fortress 2…


Steam store is now blocked in Malaysia

It seems that the Steam store is currently disabled in Malaysia because of the game Fight of Gods. The client itself works, you can still download your games that you're subscribed to but you can no longer buy anything from the store. That's pretty fucked up that in 2017 because of one title (a game about gods...) whole service is now disabled or possibly banned, even if they restore (or…


Origin blocked in Myanmar (Burma)

I've just stumbled upon a very concerning post on reddit. According to the OP, and several topics (for example here and here) on EA Answers, Origin has been blocked in Myanmar. Check this out: I live in Myanmar, and I own about 20 games on Origin, and have spent hundreds of dollars on the platform. I've bought the full editions of all of the Battlefield games up to this point,…


Game developer Digital Homicide banned by Valve!

Ever heard of Wyatt Derp? No? It's fine, I bet most of us haven't but the guys who created the game decided to sue 100 gamers who posted negative reviews on Steam. For $18 million! Yep. The have a history of suing, especially game critic Jim Sterling (from YouTube) with a ridiculous $10 million lawsuit for posting rude video reviews of their games since 2014. They were pretty fun to watch!…


Update on Big Fucking Giveaway 2, Gleam no longer supports Steam

Gleam no longer supports Steam community giveaways. Steam Community has started blocking Gleam.io. Here is the official announcement. Because of this problem the upcoming Big Fucking Giveaway 2 is going to be hosted on our site just as we did before (you just need to login and fill out the quiz!), it will probably keep on dying from all the traffic but it's going to last for a whole week…

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Valve Anti-Cheat (VAC): Another proof that false positive bans are real

Since I've started using Steam back in 2007 I had this little obsession of mine, well more of a concern. You see, every now and then I have some sort of paranoia that I might get VAC banned for no reason, like I sometimes read online. I used to be very cautious of what I'm running in the background, even if it's just a music player. Who knows how Steam/VAC…


Steam: Game Bans system is now live allowing developers to ban from individual games on Steam

Game Bans system is now available on Steam but don't worry, those bans have to be requested by the developer. This allows the game makers to maintain their own games in ways that Steam couldn't. Developer is also likely to have the time and resources to ban cheaters in hackers from its own title. It takes the burden of ban appeals off Valve’s Steam Support team. There are some concerns though, because you know some devs have horrible history of…


The history of Steam Unpowered (1€ ≠ $1)

It all started in 2008. Valve introduced regional currencies in the Steam store, at first as a beta to join for volunteers only. Back then everyone thought that $1=1€ was just a simple mistake in the new script on the beta site, there were naturally a lot of posts concerning prices especially in the Euro zone. Hell, countries that didn’t even use Euro in the first place were forced to use Euro in the beta as well – it has stayed like this until now and it’s almost 2014. Some guys posted about 1:1 exchange ratio, I’m not sure if any mods or Valve employees posted replied back then but I suppose they haven’t.

After just few days Valve pushed the currency system in the Steam store on December 18th 2008. That was probably very surprising to a lot of gamers around the globe. As far as I remember there was rage and anger on the Steam forums. I’ve created the original post concerning the currency exchange rates. You can still discuss it here:

Looks like $1 = €1 after all

(created on December 17th 2008, 03:08 PM)

Long story short people discussed the prices in that topic. If anyone created any separate topic or even mentioned price differences in game sub-forums they were either removed, edited, locked or the users got banned (if they were aggressively reposting).

My posts were edited, removed, I’ve got temporary bans on forums for posting links or saying things they didn’t like. That’s understandable considering they are only running a business.

That’s why I’ve had enough of it.



Valve updates Steam’s account policy, you can now access your games while banned!

I can’t believe they finally did it. A lot of gamers were questioning why it wasn't possible to access games in offline mode in Steam while an account was suspended or banned, but the real news is that you already can, Valve just never told anyone. What's more? Your games aren't limited to offline mode. While Valve doesn't have a lot of legal lingo surrounding the use of their digital…


Is Valve turning into EA in terms of banning?

Interesting info was posted on reddit today, according to one of the users he got banned by Mike Blaszczak (Valve employee) on the official Steam Forums for a suggestion he made towards his behavior on the forums, here’s the full story: I'll try to keep this as short as possible. Someone posted a thread in the Steam forums asking for help with an issue related to a game they had…


VAC banned by a Valve employee?

A Facepunch Studios forums user claims that he was banned by a Valve Employee for using a SourceMod plugin to activate some console cvars in the game itself (if you don’t know what SourceMod is it’s basically a plugin that’s being used on 99% of Source Engine games, you can do a lot of kinky stuff if you have admin rights and proper plugins…). Anyway here’s this guy’s post: I…


Switzerland Bans Violent Games

The Swiss National Council has officially enforced a law that will lead to banning of any violent video game. The ruling has not been revealed yet, but it will be confirmed once the Swiss government reveals the requirements. However, the most likeliest series of things to come will be a ban on the distribution, production, and sale of any games that are rated PEGI 16+ and PEGI 18+.    …


Modern Warfare 2: Get your game or money back!

As we find out recently Online Key Store is sending out new sets of cd-keys for the game so that people who bought it from their store can easily re-activate their game once more on Steam. Also G2Play is refunding (according to their response on Twitter): http://twitter.com/G2PLAYSHOP/status/5916068001 So if you bought your key somewhere else and you’ve lost your game please do not hesitate and ask for a refund or…


Microsoft bans 600,000 modded 360s

People in the console modding community are well aware that in general, console manufacturers look down upon them. Microsoft, Sony and Nintendo have all stated numerous times they do not endorse modding, and with the advent of online play becoming so important, keeping the playing field equal for everybody is an important concern. Instead of "Punkbuster for the console," the typical approach is to ban people from service. As of…