Valve’s Steam controller is selling badly

According to the latest data, Valve has sold around 500 000 Steam controllers which isn’t exactly the best number. They have been officially selling the controller since November 2015. It’s been over half a year and what’s even worse the number also includes all of the controllers sold with Steam Machines (all of them have at least one controller bundled).

Valves Steam controller

It appears that Valve’s hardware isn’t popular at all and it’s Steam OS is nearly dead. How do other controllers sell? In last 6 months around 10 000 000 PS4 controllers were sold.

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GamersGate: Bethesda and Borderlands 2 fails explained


Here’s the latest update from GamersGate about the whole Bethesda Complete and Borderlands 2 fourpack holiday fail – in case you missed it, they put up those two for a really low price during the holiday sale and then their servers crashed.

Dear Members,


Over the holidays we had a few problems with our site that affected some of you who bought or tried to buy the Bethesda New Year Collection and the Borderlands 2 Four-Pack.


We mistakenly advertised these packs at a price much lower than intended.


Many customers were quick to purchase the bundles at these low prices, in fact so many that our servers buckled under the pressure resulting in additional technical problems.


What does this mean for you?

  • If you have managed to access at least one serial key

This means that we were able to complete your order. As difficult as it is for us, we will be honoring the price that we advertised and you will get to keep all of the games you bought – we’re currently waiting on serial keys to complete your orders and will deliver them as soon as possible.

  • If you have not managed to access any of the games

This means that we were not able to complete your order due to technical difficulties, and have therefore reversed your payment. We understand the disappointment that you have experienced especially during the Holiday season and as compensation we are providing your account with a 20% discount valid on all purchases on the GamersGate site until 31 December 2013. In the few cases where discounts are not permitted, we will do our best to provide similar compensation (e.g. the equivalent amount in Blue Coins). The discount is not valid when purchasing Blue Coins.

We want to apologize for these mistakes and the amount of time it has taken to resolve everything. It is possible that there are some who may be “stuck in the middle” and we would like to direct them to our support team so we can help you individually. Please be aware that due to the above issues, our support team is under heavy pressure – we will be answering all tickets we receive, but it may take longer than usual until things calm down.

We hope that you can be pleased with the resolution of these issues, and that we can continue to deliver fantastic deals and some exciting new releases as we move forward.

Source: GamersGate

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Mass Effect 3 Protesters Sending Cupcakes to Bioware

At first, fans disappointed with ending of Mass Effect 3 tried to rally supporters to their cause by raising money for the charity Child’s Play, which helps get entertainment to sick kids in hospitals. But last week, Retake Mass Effect and Child’s Play parted ways, with the charity becoming concerned that their platform was becoming associated with a cause other than their own. Without that option, fans started to get creative.

Some fans are continuing the charity drives, and decided instead to try and raise money for “Kids Need to Read,” an organization that gets some nerd cred by being co-founded with Firefly and Castle’s Nathan Fillion.

Others got creative, deciding that the best way to make themselves heard may be by wooing Bioware itself, and what better way to do that than with cupcakes?

Yesterday, user LoganKey, first name Sam, posted a scheme to send 402 cupcakes to the Bioware studios in Canada. He raised the $1005 he needed in under an hour.

“We’ve done orders of this size before, but never with this kind of, you know, drama,” said Dale Temple, owner of the Edmonton, Alberta-area bakery Fuss Cupcakes, who will be filling the order. “He

[Sam] was very polite, knew what he wanted… He called me before he had raised the money, you know, just with an idea, and within an hour he had called already.”

The idea is that the cupcakes would somehow communicate the notion of lack of choice in the endings to Mass Effect – a tall order for a pastry, no doubt. Proposed messages for the boxes include:

– “No matter what color you choose, they all taste the same”;

– “No matter what color you choose, it’s all vanilla ;-D”

– “We rage because we love”

The cupcakes themselves will be a mix of red, blue and green for the “different” endings of Mass Effect 3.

Source: Forbes

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UPDATE: EA faces lawsuit for breaking PS3 Battlefield promise

EA is being taken to court for failing to keep its promise that the PlayStation 3 version of Battlefield 3 would include a free copy of Battlefield 1943.
As reported by Kotaku, US law firm Edelson McGuire filed a class action suit against EA today on behalf of disgruntled PS3 owners.
The suit isn’t focusing on the fact that EA went back on its promise, but that it was announced after the game had gone on sale and even then only via Twitter, meaning many customers were unaware of the fact.
It alleges that EA “misled and profited from thousands of their customers by making a promise that they could not, and never intended, to keep.”
According to the lawyers, all that those signed up to the class action want out of EA is the free copy of 1943 that they were originally promised.
We’ve approached EA for comment and will update if we hear back.



Edit 24.11.2011: The EA website detailing how to claim a BF1943 code said “there have been some misunderstandings” about the deal. xD No shit!

One can wonder, how did they manage to let the misunderstanding go for so long. Anyway… this is how it all started:

Just saying….. FUn

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Red Alert 3 unplayable online on Steam

Those who bought Red Alert 3 during Steam’s holiday sale are finding themselves with a partially useless game purchased at a fairly low price. Steam users report that the downloaded copies of Red Alert 3 don’t include serial numbers, which the game requires for online play.

A similar issue occurred recently through Steam with the digital sale of Spore. That problem seems to have been resolved, and at least one Red Alert 3 player has been able to rectify the current error, though the solution required the game to be re-downloaded directly from EA (complete with SecuROM DRM).

Still, EA’s eventual intervention in Steam’s Spore issue is a possible sign that these Red Alert 3 owners will get their fix as fast as possible.


EA today confirmed to Joystiq via Twitter that the issue had been "quickly resolved," further adding that "all is well back in Steam land."

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Modern Warfare 2: You will lose your game!

Yes, most of you will lose it if you bought the game in other place than Steam or authorized retail stores. So if you bought your Modern Warfare 2 key of OnlineKeyStore or something similar (maybe G2Play?) you will lose your game from the Steam games list and you will never get it back!


Here’s a link to Steam Powered forums:


And here’s BurtonJ’s response:


Here’s what he did now:

Also right now it seems like he’s saying "You have to buy games in our 300% more expensive store, sorry mate."

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Steam: Modern Warfare 2 buyers upset over wait

Some eager Steam pre-purchasers were surprised to find their digital copy of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 would not be unlocked through Valve’s online service until 2 days after the release of the retail version.

Many forum members are in an uproar over pre-ordering the title without being completely aware of the different release date that was clearly advertised.
"What the… 2 DAYS??? Why the heck did I buy through Steam for? I certainly didn’t know there was gonna be a 2 day delay for us steam purchasers," one forum member wrote.

The ire also stems from the fact customers who purchased a retail boxed copy of the PC game are not forced to wait, despite the title requiring Steam authentication. This has also led many to pursue canceling their online pre-orders.

"I pre-ordered the game, assuming that it would come out on the actual release date. Now I’m waiting for my ticket to be answered for my refund," another member wrote. "The funny part is they probably wont get back to me until after it is released on Steam:

If you pre-ordered Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 off Steam and are still hanging in there waiting, here’s the most updated release details from Steam:
Activision’s policy is for the digital download version of MW2 to be activated 48 hours after the retail release. Therefore copies bought on Steam will be activated as follows: Worldwide (except North, Central, and South America): 3:00 pm PST Nov 11 and North, Central and South America: 9:00 pm PST Nov 11.

Source: IGN

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South Africa: Modern Warfare 2 fails once more

I just got word from a member (GhOst) of an online community that I’m part of. He just returned from a local retailer here in South Africa, BTGames, where COD MW2 was released at 00:00 tonight – about 1h 30 minutes ago – with his brand spanking new legit copy of the game he pre-ordered @ ~$60 and whatnot in hand he rushed home.

Some nice shots of the retail box…and what makes this story newsworthy though is this picture below. A picture is worth a thousand words indeed…

Steam Fails

And this is after everyone were promised the game will work 100% after the street date here in SA – hence the midnight release and everything.

News thanks to our user ld13 (here).


ingame1 ingame2

ingame4 ingame6



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Modern Warfare 2: Retail DVDs broken!

For those of you who are PC gamers, you should wait on buying Modern Warfare 2 from the retailers, if at all. The PC version comes with 2 discs but it seems that only the actual game is working and not the extra content on the second DVD.

The first DVD/Disc is about 6.9 GB which seems to be the standard size for games that are coming out now. Unfortunately it seems like most, if not all, DVD drives are refusing to recognize the DVD. The DVD disk rattles around and you can hear the disc just clattering in the DVD Drive. Now when something like this happens, questions comes to mind and that is if this is a manufacturing defect and whether there are other discs out there that have this same problem.

A German game magazine reports the same problem. Every drive in their editorial office refuses the second DVD (they have seven PC’s and four copies Modern Warfare 2 for PC). They say it’s definitely a production error.


News thanks to our user ld13, and the original source.

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Online Retailers Refusing To Sell Modern Warfare 2

Kotaku just posted that Direct2Drive won’t be selling Modern Warfare 2 on their PC digital delivery service. Why? Because of rival platform – Steam.

The game includes mandatory installation of Valve’s Steamworks, which the game uses for stuff like installation, DRM and save-game management. Something Direct2Drive (which is owned by website IGN) are having none of, telling:

We don’t believe games should force the user to install a Trojan Horse.

That “Trojan Horse” being the inclusion of Steam’s commercial marketplace.

D2D also told Kotaku that, having evaluated some Steamworks titles earlier in the year (such as Empire: Total War and Dawn of War II) and finding the forced inclusion of Steam’s storefront (offering automatic competition to D2D’s own services) not to their liking, told publishers that they’d stop selling games bundled in such a manner until Valve “decoupled its retail marketplace” from Steam’s other services.

To be clear, D2D’s beef is not with Activision, it’s with Steam, and to prove there’s no bad blood between the retailer and mega-publisher, $5 coupons will soon be offered on select Activision titles to make up for it.

But that’s not all it seems Impulse have come out today and also confirmed they won’t be stocking the game, for the same reasons. Digital store Gamersgate have told Kotaku that, like D2D and Impulse, they will also not be stocking Modern Warfare 2, and again, for the same reason.

Is this the failure of Modern Warfare 2 for PC? We’ll see. Oh and by the way vote in our poll:

Are you gonna buy Modern Warfare 2?

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