The better version of PlayStation 4 announcement!

Seriously check this shit out, haha, I’ve watched it live and they summed it up really good:

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I run this place! :D

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  1. laserad

    i think the points in the video are clear and well made.. at the same time im excited about ps4. its way better specs than my current pc… 8gb of ddr5 is just incredible.. optimization for a single HW configuration will give us a lot of great looking games.. its amazing what games in the last 12months came out and run on current gen.

    im just expecting everything on ps4 to run natively in 1080@50 at least.. im okay with current level of graphical detail in dx11, i dont need live-like graphics

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    1. stranded

      I can bet $10 that it won’t run most games most than 30-40FPS @ Full HD. And majority of them will probably still be 720p…

      Besides would you really invest in this? I for example wouldn’t have any real-life-buddies to play with on this, PC is so much better.

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  2. chrischriswest

    “relight my fire…” Great! :)

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  3. zaney

    You are just making the PS4 stronger.

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