Modern Warfare 2: You will lose your game!

Yes, most of you will lose it if you bought the game in other place than Steam or authorized retail stores. So if you bought your Modern Warfare 2 key of OnlineKeyStore or something similar (maybe G2Play?) you will lose your game from the Steam games list and you will never get it back!


Here’s a link to Steam Powered forums:


And here’s BurtonJ’s response:


Here’s what he did now:

Also right now it seems like he’s saying "You have to buy games in our 300% more expensive store, sorry mate."

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  1. The Tabernacle

    People should know that buying keys from these sites is like buying a shirt from ThePirateBay, you never know what you are gonna receive, and you never know who is taking your credit card number.

    As for the price of Modern Warfare 2, at 64.99$, it’s higher than a Nintendo game…… HIGHER THAN A NINTENDO GAME, DO YOU REALIZE???????

    BUT…. remember 80’s kids, how much was Final Fantasy 3(American version)??
    MORE than hundred dollars.

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  2. stranded

    Well from what I’ve heard recently OnlineKeyStore is resending new, working CD-KEYs so it’s all good now?

    What about G2Play?

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  3. PeterbusUnum

    Hello there, me again and thank you for your replies. I’ve checked with my brother who’s also using a g2play Key within germany and played the multiplayer. Sorry for the confusion.

    The thing that made me think is that somewhere in that steamforum there was mentioned that even legit keys, bought in germany (maybe it was on another news site where i read this) have been banned.

    It seems to me, that the Keybans are not limited to the U.S.

    Still I’ll stick to my theory of not using the multiplayer though, since I’ve convinced myself that this is quite reasonable :D

    Thanks for your replies again :)


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  4. syl0r

    I’m also from Germany and i play multiplayer since release (lvl 40)
    no probleme here. I really hope its just in US.
    Someone really should kick the asses of Activision

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  5. H4ndy

    @PeterbusUnum: I’m using a G2Play-Key within Germany and I’m still able to play. I’ve played Singleplayer, Co-op and Multiplayer (at Level 19 at the moment) so far. I think (hope) it’s limited to specific areas.

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  6. PeterbusUnum

    Let me say first: Dragoon is right. Furthermore there are no importlimitations on the stateside for e.g. Germany which would decline us to import the software (as a retail box) as long as it does not reach a certain amount. No problems here as well. The only thing is that Actiblizzard is a bunch of moneycraving idiots, who’d do anything to get higher profits and steam is just a willing tool in their crusade.

    Anyway, what I wanted to ask: Can anyone confirm, that their Key was banned AFTER playing in MW2 Multiplayer? (not Coop) My theory is, that only keys used in Multiplayermatches have been banned but its just a theory (since almost everyone said he’d played to lvl xy in MP). If so and you purchased your key from a Key-Seller like G2Play -> Don’t use the MP and you’ll be able to at least participate in Co-Op and Singleplayer. (Coop is, as far as I could tell, hosted locally and so there are no keys submitted to any server except the steam verification server which seems only to care if the key is legit)

    Greetings Peterbus

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  7. Rad86N

    No, it’s not, my friend from Austria and I have bought a key from OKS. We both can not play. They’ve already contacted me about the replacement which should take up to 24hrs.

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  8. H4ndy

    btw, I still have MW2 in my account (english Steam, German IP). Seems this problem is limited to the US…

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  9. Gnoupi

    @Dragoon, thank you for explaining me the bases of free market.

    Besides this lesson, the important point I was making is “selling for the price people will buy”. Things are sold for the price people are ready to put. Or they wouldn’t sell, simply.

    After, I have no doubt you are an expert in all this, thank you for taking the time to slap my answer. You are great and all this.

    PS: I was curious why the icons rating were enabled for my own post, I clicked, and was surprised that indeed it voted for it. Glad you don’t “need” to do the same.

    All the best.

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  10. Rad86N

    Poland Average Employment Income
    Disposable $8,280
    Czech Republic Average Employment Income
    Disposable $10,156
    Slovakia Average Employment Income
    Disposable $9,784

    Valve already made Tier 2 for such countries, but Activision is just keeping its crap policy.. the cheapest retail Modern Warfare 2 in my country(CZ) is around 58€ shipped! Even $60 for a game is too much. I admit. I’m not living in a poverty, but that doesn’t mean I would spend $90 for something that somebody else can buy for $20.

    Singapore Average Employment Income
    Disposable $19,176
    Russia Average Employment Income
    Disposable $9,945
    Whoever is behind the prices should really consider getting back to their studies.

    Again. Thank you Dragoon

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