South Africa: Modern Warfare 2 fails once more

I just got word from a member (GhOst) of an online community that I’m part of. He just returned from a local retailer here in South Africa, BTGames, where COD MW2 was released at 00:00 tonight – about 1h 30 minutes ago – with his brand spanking new legit copy of the game he pre-ordered @ ~$60 and whatnot in hand he rushed home.

Some nice shots of the retail box…and what makes this story newsworthy though is this picture below. A picture is worth a thousand words indeed…

And this is after everyone were promised the game will work 100% after the street date here in SA – hence the midnight release and everything.

News thanks to our user ld13 (here).



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  1. Betonář

    @Rad86N: I was very suprised when my friend told how much it cost in Russia. I already submit ticket to Steam support. I want to know if there are regiaonal restriction

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  2. slay

    Modern Warfare 2 Steam Buyers Upset Over Wait

    Online buyers didn’t think they’d have to wait even longer.

    November 10, 2009 – Some eager Steam pre-purchasers were surprised to find their digital copy of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 would not be unlocked through Valve’s online service until 2 days after the release of the retail version.

    Many forum members are in an uproar over pre-ordering the title without being completely aware of the different release date that was clearly advertised.

    “What the… 2 DAYS??? Why the heck did I buy through Steam for? I certainly didn’t know there was gonna be a 2 day delay for us steam purchasers,” one forum member wrote.

    The ire also stems from the fact customers who purchased a retail boxed copy of the PC game are not forced to wait, despite the title requiring Steam authentication. This has also led many to pursue canceling their online pre-orders.

    “I pre-ordered the game, assuming that it would come out on the actual release date. Now i’m waiting for my ticket to be answered for my refund,” another member wrote. “The funny part is they probably wont get back to me until after it is released on Steam:

    If you pre-ordered Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 off Steam and are still hanging in there waiting, here’s the most updated release details from Steam:

    Activision’s policy is for the digital download version of MW2 to be activated 48 hours after the retail release. Therefore copies bought on Steam will be activated as follows:

    Worldwide (except North, Central, and South America): 3:00 pm PST Nov 11

    North, Central and South America: 9:00 pm PST Nov 11

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  3. Rad86N

    I wonder if i can get a key from my informant’s retail version.. 13€ mehh.. but are there any regional restrictions?

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  4. Rad86N

    550 Russian rubles = 12.7923992 €
    That’s how much you pay for this game in Russia… I got an Informant..
    And guess what.. they can already play it on Steam.. but not me, EU on Thursday.. FUCK’EM

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  5. 0cube

    ok, uk keys retail is good :D (ordering from

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  6. Dragoon

    Well UK Retail works and no broken DVD’s (thanks god).
    Single-Player is awesome.
    Have yet to try multiplayer

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  7. XanderCz

    Well.. it only failed for 4 hours

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  8. 0cube

    so cds working?

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  9. Betonář

    It does

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  10. Toaster

    So it doesn’t fail once more? ;D

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  11. Amadeus

    Great thing he got it working!

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