Modern Warfare 2: Retail DVDs broken!

For those of you who are PC gamers, you should wait on buying Modern Warfare 2 from the retailers, if at all. The PC version comes with 2 discs but it seems that only the actual game is working and not the extra content on the second DVD.

The first DVD/Disc is about 6.9 GB which seems to be the standard size for games that are coming out now. Unfortunately it seems like most, if not all, DVD drives are refusing to recognize the DVD. The DVD disk rattles around and you can hear the disc just clattering in the DVD Drive. Now when something like this happens, questions comes to mind and that is if this is a manufacturing defect and whether there are other discs out there that have this same problem.

A German game magazine reports the same problem. Every drive in their editorial office refuses the second DVD (they have seven PC’s and four copies Modern Warfare 2 for PC). They say it’s definitely a production error.


News thanks to our user ld13, and the original source.

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  1. Gokburt

    Awesome, I get my money back + I get the game :D

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  2. benetti32

    Haha, nice one fix :D

    Another MW2/Activision fail, I hope people will now see that the game is really not worth buying, it’s too much expensive for singleplayer-only game :D

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  3. Johnnnyboy15nl

    IWNet broke the DVD! Thats why:P

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  4. fix-cz

    There is multiplayer on second DVD – no wonder why it’s broken!

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  5. 0cube

    well… of course im not happy with that, as i preordered it (but only for 40€)
    The good thing is: even if its broken i can download the game on steam and saved 20€

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  6. BatisdaCJ

    hehe, fail :P

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