GamersGate: Bethesda and Borderlands 2 fails explained

Here’s the latest update from GamersGate about the whole Bethesda Complete and Borderlands 2 fourpack holiday fail – in case you missed it, they put up those two for a really low price during the holiday sale and then their servers crashed.

Dear Members,


Over the holidays we had a few problems with our site that affected some of you who bought or tried to buy the Bethesda New Year Collection and the Borderlands 2 Four-Pack.


We mistakenly advertised these packs at a price much lower than intended.


Many customers were quick to purchase the bundles at these low prices, in fact so many that our servers buckled under the pressure resulting in additional technical problems.


What does this mean for you?

  • If you have managed to access at least one serial key

This means that we were able to complete your order. As difficult as it is for us, we will be honoring the price that we advertised and you will get to keep all of the games you bought – we’re currently waiting on serial keys to complete your orders and will deliver them as soon as possible.

  • If you have not managed to access any of the games

This means that we were not able to complete your order due to technical difficulties, and have therefore reversed your payment. We understand the disappointment that you have experienced especially during the Holiday season and as compensation we are providing your account with a 20% discount valid on all purchases on the GamersGate site until 31 December 2013. In the few cases where discounts are not permitted, we will do our best to provide similar compensation (e.g. the equivalent amount in Blue Coins). The discount is not valid when purchasing Blue Coins.

We want to apologize for these mistakes and the amount of time it has taken to resolve everything. It is possible that there are some who may be “stuck in the middle” and we would like to direct them to our support team so we can help you individually. Please be aware that due to the above issues, our support team is under heavy pressure – we will be answering all tickets we receive, but it may take longer than usual until things calm down.

We hope that you can be pleased with the resolution of these issues, and that we can continue to deliver fantastic deals and some exciting new releases as we move forward.

Source: GamersGate

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  1. crazy4ever

    Got a answer from them. My payment was lost duo a error. They searched for it and found it. Now they applied 20% discount on my account and give back my money. Others already recieved the money or its still is in progress. If you havent got the money back after a week you should contact their support en create a ticket. You will get your money back if you din’t got any keys.

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  2. crazy4ever

    Damn, my order got Cancelled so I dont get those keys :C … any1 got his money already back? Dont know when i can expect it but i already submit a ticked with that question to them.

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