Xbox Go Home!

Seriously what the fuck. I can’t stop laughing! Check this out :D

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I run this place! :D

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  1. Pyrii


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  2. laserad

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  3. laserad

    new social experience… the television… yeah like 60 years ago
    call-o doodie was a disaster lol, that game that was lost in time.. showing off graphics features that were already seen years ago
    and sports lol, dont even let me start on that

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  4. AdmiringWorm

    I remember thinking (when I saw it live) whenever he said Xbox Go Home! I was appending “You’re drunk” to it each time.

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  5. rpsgc

    Fornicate TV!

    Consoles are supposed to be simple devices made to play GAMES.

    Who wants this crap? Just buy a PC then.

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