Steam grows by 205% in 2009

Steam keeps growing even though the prices are very high in Europe – people are still paying for the digital downloads (although we can’t really say if Steam is more popular in USA or Europe).

Steam, now has over 25 million active users. Those 25 million users managed a peak concurrency of 2.5 million games players, racking up more than 13 billion player minutes per month.

But of course, the proof is in the profits: there are now over 1,000 games available on Steam, distributed by over 100 developers and publishers — big-boys and independents alike. All told, Steam sold 205% more units in 2009 than the previous year.

Gabe Newell added that Steam has grown immensely each and ever year of its existence. Steam’s only been around for five years, but in that time there have been numerous improvements and additions to the range of products provided by Valve, resulting in a greater-than-100-percent increase in sales year-over-year since its creation.


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  1. Dragoon

    I wonder what Valve calls an “active users”. Interesting is despite at max. 2.5 million people log-in everyday on Steam, (Thanks to autostart Steam with Windows)only just over 500.000 play games. With Modern Warfare 2 being most played game with a peak of over 110.000 players.

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