NOKEYS: Xbox Live gift cards on sale!

If you happen to have a console and need to renew your Xbox Live membership with Xbox Live gift cards (which is peasantry btw) you can grab some codes from our partners on NOKEYS! Here are the cards (USA region!): XBOX Live 30 USD Gift Card US - €23.21 XBOX Live 50 USD Gift Card US - €38.69 XBOX Live 100 USD Gift Card US - €77.38 Edit: For Europe:…


50-75% off Crysis titles, feat. 75% off Crysis 2 Max Edition

Origin redeemable, One Day Sale, all deals listed below. Unfortunately United States only. GFDSEP20 for an additional 20% off. US Link Crysis - $4.99 Crysis 2 Maximum Edition - $7.49 Crysis 3 - $14.99 Crysis 3: The Lost Island - $7.49 Crysis Maximum Edition - $7.49 UK isn't participating in the Crysis sale, but they have some EA titles on sale, as well. Crysis and Crysis Maximum Edition are EA…

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Update: Valve taking action against gifts from USA and Russia!


People in the Steam gifting-scene from Russia and USA claim that they have received emails from Valve, urging them to stop gifting to players from Europe. On some accounts, buying games has been completely disabled.

This is completely unacceptable. For most of people, buying games via a USA-gifter has never been about getting the game cheaper (at least not for Germans). It has always been about getting the uncut version of a game.



Steam grows by 205% in 2009

Steam keeps growing even though the prices are very high in Europe – people are still paying for the digital downloads (although we can’t really say if Steam is more popular in USA or Europe). Steam, now has over 25 million active users. Those 25 million users managed a peak concurrency of 2.5 million games players, racking up more than 13 billion player minutes per month. But of course, the…

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