Refunds are coming to Steam whether Valve likes it or not!

Refunds are coming to Steam, it’s not up to Valve anymore! European Union consumer rights directive is now in effect.

You can request a refund for all digital sales in 14 days without questions if you live in European Union. This also means consumer protection is likely to spread across other countries like the United States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand.

Just imagine, all the people who bought crappy games earlier could have reutrned them back – instead of being made upset. Call of Duty lied about dedicated servers, DayZ lies about being in a playable and testable state, and Colonial Marines lied about almost everything. All of those new games would have rightly suffered monetarily.

This is great guys, we might have higher prices in 2015 but at least if it’s shit we can give it back! Check back either on that reddit post or our site for more info soon.

Have a great New Year’s Eve and sorry for the lack of deals and news lately… coming back home after the weekend.

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  1. Slowboy

    I just hope EU will grab VALVE by their asses and force them to introduce “proper” refund systems.

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  2. mik0

    Still doesn’t protect you from publisher lies. We should get to the point where promise and pr bind the perpetrator to his responsability.
    People should be able to get hyped for a game, buy it day 1 to show support and download it right away without worry about being deceived. If they are, they should be refunded and the perpetrator penalized.

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  3. stranded

    Well imagine your friend gets a game, you impulsively buy it but can’t play at the moment, after few days it turns out that it sucks, it’s buggy etc. Your friend is stuck with the game but you can refund it.

    That happened to me in the past.

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  4. rpsgc

    What’s the point then? If you can’t try the game to see if it works or if it lives to expectations, what’s the fucking point of having refunds?

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  5. mik0

    I don’t see the point of a refund if you cannot even try the game to choose if you want a refund or not.

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  6. stranded

    I never posted that you can play the game and then give it back, but when you pre-order the game and it turns out to be shitty you can still give it away if you didn’t play it yet.

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