European Commission fines Valve Software 1.8 million euros for regional price blocking

Well here’s something I didn’t really expect to see. Few years ago European Commission launched an investigation into violation of European Union’s laws by companies like Bandai Namco, Capcom, Focus Home Interactive, Koch Media, Zenimax and of course Valve Software – the owner of Steam. The case is now over (or is it?).


Looking for Fortnite nerds

Hey guys, I've been playing Fortnite since the early alpha back in January 2016 but since then the game is all about Battle Royale - no idea why it's so popular. But anyway, I've always wanted to make Save The World mode oriented website and well it is up an running but I barely have time to update this site. If you happen to be psyched about Fortnite and it's…


10 Years Old

Today is our 10th anniversary! Yes, 10 years ago I’ve started a post about prices on the official Steam forums (no longer available) got banned and created this site to fight for pricing bullshit. You can read more about it on the last big post for the 5th anniversary where it’s all summed up pretty nicely. After so many years I think it’s kinda safe to say that the situation…


Will GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) affect Steam?

The GDPR regulation is almost here. After May 25th all companies that opearate in European Union are bound to respect the new laws and our privacy. Steam is going to need to get consent from EU individuals to obtain and store personally identifying information (like name, address, phone number, email etc). This should be performed by having a user "opt in" as under the GDPR regulations "consent cannot be assumed".…


Happy Birthday – We are 9 years old!

We are 9 years old today!!! Thank you all for visiting for such a long time. I will try to organize something cool for you guys after the holiday season. I know that we've lost the Steam group and the reach is not as big as it used to be but there are hundreds of people visiting the website daily and it's really cool that you guys always come back!!!…


Watch out! New currencies coming to Steam tomorrow.

In case you didn't know Steam is introducing a lot of new currencies to the store worldwide, including Polish Złoty. If you have any money in your Steam Wallet and it happens to be in Euros €€€ then you might get fucked. You see, they have sent an e-mail about it recently and Steam is going to convert the cash you have to your local currency. Why are you out…

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Steam Alternatives updated, small giveaway incoming

Hey guys, I have once again updated the Steam Alternatives section. Added more coupons and removed stores that no longer exist. If you have any suggestions please leave a comment on the site or SteamUnpowered's social media accounts. Also I might do a small giveaway soon :) got some game keys for you. Stay tuned. Latest Steam Alternative store is No Keys, here is a short description: NOKEYS is a…


Our Steam group have just been hijacked from Steam, join the new one!

Our Steam group has just been removed from Steam by someone who claims to be the new tyrant, a dickhead called TZer0, unfortunately there is nothing I can do about it because I was not the original admin of the group. So far this guy have removed me from the group and ditched everything that I've done for over last 9 years. But no need to worry! Fuck this guy…


Big Fucking Giveaway 2: Winners to be announced soon!

BFG 2 is over and we had over 1000 entries this year! Winners will be announced later next week. 🎈🎮🕹 Here is what you can win: Just Cause Collection Postal 2 Dogfight 1942 Beat Hazard Ultra Tharsis Unknown Battle Car Mechanic Simulator 2014 Call of Juarez The Cartel Cobi Treasure Kholat Dead Island Definitive Edition The Darkness II Saints Row 2 Risen 16-bit Trader +20 more games! :)


Update on Big Fucking Giveaway 2, Gleam no longer supports Steam

Gleam no longer supports Steam community giveaways. Steam Community has started blocking Here is the official announcement. Because of this problem the upcoming Big Fucking Giveaway 2 is going to be hosted on our site just as we did before (you just need to login and fill out the quiz!), it will probably keep on dying from all the traffic but it's going to last for a whole week…

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Giveaways scheduled for 2016!

I'm happy to announce that we have 3 scheduled giveaways for this year on our Steam group, more details coming in the following months. Sponsors are soon to be announced. All giveaways are going to be hosted on our website, Gleam, social accounts or Steam group. All social media connection requirements will be limited to minimum, no bullshit likes, re-posts just some free games to random people! :) Here are the dates…


Steam Alternatives cleaned up, new store added!

Hey! Just cleaned up the Steam Alternatives list a little bit, removed inactive stores such as: GameTap, GameBuyers, Green House, SteamGameKeys, MMOOPS and Eurogamer's GetGamesGo. They were either offline or totally broken. I've also added one new store that has some nice deals going on at the moment, see below for details. Lets all welcome Sila Games from Spain. Here's a quick store description and some deals: Sila Games is a Spanish video…


Watch out for scammers!

Hey, Wraith from Finland just told me that some scammer is pretending to be from Steam Unpowered and is sending out links to malicious software or some other scam. Please watch out for this user: Atomic Storm. I've reported that profile and advise you to do the same. Atomic Storm: Hey! We held a competition in the group steamunpowered! Prizes - {LINK REMOVED} Atomic Storm: You have been selected one of…

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