NVIDIA encourages retailers to sell to gamers, not cryptominers

Gamers are pissed off because cryptominers have fucked over the GPU market. Mining cryptocurrency sky rocketed graphics card prices over the last few months. You could grab a GTX 1080 GPU for around $700 on release day AFAIK, right now the prices are around $1000 all over the planet which is pretty ridiculous. Recently German NVIDIA department told retailers not to sell the cards to miner and let gamers take…


Price Comparison: PREY

It's time for another price comparison of Steam alternative stores! PREY is a reboot if the series but I won't be trying it out anytime soon - I'm one of those patient gamers ;) but if you have to play it right away check out the comparison below: Store EUR Buy €30.89 Visit €31.99 Visit €31.99 Visit €32.75 Visit €32.95 Visit €33.29 Visit €33.49 Visit €33.99 Visit €40.44 Visit €44.99…


Poll Time: Is your local currency available on Steam?

We all know that prices on Steam could be really uneven in some regions. Especially after that sneaky conversion that happened in 2008. We've tried to change that but it didn't work, they simply wouldn't care. But maybe they do now? Valve started to add more local currencies to Steam over the years and in some regions prices are starting to look much better, even better than they were in…


Poll Time: Should Valve allow us to get refunds in EU?

You probably all have noticed that the Steam Subscriber Agreement has been updated to include some new rules especially when it comes to the 14 days return time in European Union. And no, you can't do that on Steam (at least according to them) but is this completely legal or fair? See this little checkbox that pops up before you purchase anything on Steam in EU: Clicking that check box…


Refunds are coming to Steam whether Valve likes it or not!

Refunds are coming to Steam, it's not up to Valve anymore! European Union consumer rights directive is now in effect. You can request a refund for all digital sales in 14 days without questions if you live in European Union. This also means consumer protection is likely to spread across other countries like the United States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand. Just imagine, all the people who bought crappy games earlier could have…


New pricing experiment on GOG!

Lowered from $5.99 to $3.99 Alien Shooter Celtic Kings Commandos Ammo Pack Constructor Empire Earth Knights and Merchants Litil Divil Lords of Magic Lords of the Realm Mobile Forces Myst: Masterpiece Edition Outcast Personal Nightmare Realms of Haunting Rollercoaster Tycon Simon the Sorcerer Waxworks Lowered from $9.99 to $6.99 Broken Sword 4: The Angel of Death Ceville Evil Genius Haegemonia Gold Edition King's Bounty Moto Racer 3 Red Baron Pack…


EU Commission explains pricing, availability and more

I’ve just received another e-mail with further details about Valve, Steam and pricing in European Union in general. Go ahead and read it. As I mentioned in my previous e-mail, EU competition law generally does not restrict the freedom of companies to unilaterally decide whether and what to sell in which country. There is no EU competition law rule that obliges private companies such as Valve Software to market the…


Green Man Gaming explains Australian/New Zealand pricing

Here’s a friendly message from Green Man Gaming with some information about price differences in Australia and New Zealand.     Hi - we have had a number of enquiries about price increases on Borderlands 2 and XCOM Enemy Unknown in Australia and New Zealand.  This was done at the request of the publisher based on local retailer feedback.  We would rather not have had to do this but we…


European Commission responds: If Valve decides to offer a product solely within the UK this does generally not amount to an infringement of EU competition rules

I’ve just received a response from the European Commission (it’s weird because I did not send them an e-mail but a physical letter) and you guys are not gonna like it:

Thank you for your e-mail regarding Valve corporation.

We note that, in substance, the concerns you have raised are to do with the availability of software products in the UK only.

Whereas we appreciate that it may be in the interest of consumers in the rest of the European Union to also have access to products of the Steam Store sold in the United Kingdom, how a product is marketed is at the discretion of the vendor. If a vendor decides to offer a product solely within the UK this does generally not amount to an infringement of EU competition rules, in particular of Articles 101 and 102 of the Treaty of the Functioning of the European Union (TFEU).

Please be assured that market insight is a valuable input to our daily work that we appreciate.

Here is a link to the Treaty of the Functioning of the European Union.

And here is the content of Articles 101 and 102 Mr Banasevic mentioned:

Article 101

1. The following shall be prohibited as incompatible with the internal market: all agreements between undertakings, decisions by associations of undertakings and concerted practices which may affect trade between Member States and which have as their object or effect the prevention, restriction or distortion of competition within the internal market, and in particular those which:



Valve counters EA’s Steam sales "cheapen intellectual property" accusation

"If we thought having a 75 per cent sale on Portal 2 would cheapen Portal 2, we wouldn’t do it." Valve has countered EA’s accusation that Steam sales "cheapen" intellectual property, saying they in fact benefit games, publishers and gamers.

Last month EA’s David DeMartini, who runs rival digital platform Origin, said Steam sales, which often see discounts of up to 75 per cent, "cheapen intellectual property".

Vowing not to copy Steam’s popular 75 per cent off sales, DeMartini said: "The game makers work incredibly hard to make this intellectual property, and we’re not trying to be Target. We’re trying to be Nordstrom."

But when Eurogamer put this accusation to Valve business development chief Jason Holtman at the Develop conference in Brighton today, he said the opposite was true.

"Ask our partners," he said. "Ask the large to the small and see what they think about that. Putting it all in the bucket of, it’s all about the discounts, I don’t think that’s everything about it. "Discounts serve a lot of functions. Highlighting serves a lot of functions. The qualities of the games serve a lot of functions. Everything we’ve seen, PC games and IP and all those franchises are more valuable today than they were four or five years ago. "If this were all about a cheapening and somehow lessening the money out there or somehow customers don’t want to pay any more, they think everything should be like a used car lot – sticker price is not the real price – you’d feel that and you’d get real reinforcement of that. We don’t see any of that. We see people buying a lot and enjoying it and playing a lot.

"Discounting is one small function of what we do. It’s one small function of our market and our store. It certainly doesn’t seem to be anything that cheapens IP.

"We do it with our own games. If we thought having a 75 per cent sale on Portal 2 would cheapen Portal 2, we wouldn’t do it. We know there are all kinds of ways customers consume things, get value, come back, build franchises. We think lots of those things strengthen it."



EA Origin: ‘Our aim is to be a better version of Steam’

EA says it wants its Origin download platform to be a better version of all the other portals on the market. The firm’s senior VP of global ecommerce David DeMartini has also responded to Valve and Steam boss Gabe Newell’s criticism that Origin has yet to do anything ‘super-well’ – adding that he is delighted that the platform is now ‘part of the conversation.’ “If MySpace had stayed the one…


Valve employee explains regional pricing

Australian gamers community AusGamers had chat with Valve internal marketing and PR head, Doug Lombardi. It was a long chat but let’s look what about interesting part about regional pricing.   AusGamers: One of the big things then, that has come as a result of the selling side is regional pricing, which we happen to take a bit of a punch in the face in Australia over. Obviously, it’s a…


Steam: Borderlands pre-purchase

As of today, the four-pack pre-purchase of Borderlands is available on Steam. But, as always, the prcing isn't very fair. Borderlands US: $49.99 $44.99 EU: 49.99€ 44.99€ (47% higher than US) UK: £29.99 £26.99 (5% lower than US) These prices are just for 1 game, not the four-pack. Four-pack: US: $149.97 $134.97 EU: 149.97€ 134.97€ (47% higher than US) UK: £89.97 £80.97 (5% lower than US) So, again, if you…