EA changes refund policy in Australia

The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) has successfully pressured EA into changing its refund policy in the country. EA had previously refused to offer refunds for games purchased through Origin. Anyone with a faulty game purchased through Origin can contact EA for help. This applies to games bought from January 2012 and later.

Kangaroo EA GAMES

“Businesses such as EA selling digitally downloadable goods cannot avoid their responsibilities under the Australian Consumer Law just because they are located outside of Australia,” ACCC Chairman Rod Sims said in a statement.

EA issued a statement too that reads:

“We’re pleased to have worked cooperatively with the ACCC to resolve the ACCC’s concerns and ensure our players in Australia have the best possible experience when purchasing and playing EA games. In addition to rights available to our players under the Australian Consumer Law, we are also proud to offer our global, industry-leading Great Game Guarantee that allows for digital returns within certain timeframes if anyone is not satisfied with a digitally-downloaded game from EA.”

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  1. mik0

    Not it’s steam’s turn.

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  2. Dragoon

    Lol, a kangaroo punching the EA logo. Nice picture Stranded! +1

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