Crayon Physics Deluxe – Pay what you want!

As some of you already know the makers of Crayon Physics Deluxe are having a birthday sale just like the critically acclaimed World of Goo had. Basically go to their site, click on the Buy The Game link and chose what price you wanna pay for the game. The game is kind of expensive on Steam - US: $19.99, UK: £15.99 (29% higher), EU: 17,99€ (31% higher) - check it…


Modern Warfare 2: You will lose your game!

Yes, most of you will lose it if you bought the game in other place than Steam or authorized retail stores. So if you bought your Modern Warfare 2 key of OnlineKeyStore or something similar (maybe G2Play?) you will lose your game from the Steam games list and you will never get it back!   Here’s a link to Steam Powered forums:   And here’s BurtonJ’s response: Update: Here's…


Zero Gear get a beta Steam key!

There’s a rumor on the net that Valve is giving out keys to some unknown game. We just wanted to clear it all out, you just have to go here and get your free beta key for Zero Gear – a funny racing game (similar to Mario Kart). So don’t listen to some morons on the Internet and don’t think of buying this key either when someone wants to sell…


Modern Warfare 2: Hackers already active! and VAC are so good!!!11 Cheat / Hack Free Games: The biggest benefit of using IWnet by far is the fact that you don’t have to worry about joining a server full of aim-bots, wallhacks, or cheaters. Or relying on the server admin of the server to constantly be monitoring, banning, and policing it. Modern Warfare 2 on PC allows us to control the quality of the game much…


Steam: Modern Warfare 2 buyers upset over wait

Some eager Steam pre-purchasers were surprised to find their digital copy of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 would not be unlocked through Valve's online service until 2 days after the release of the retail version. Many forum members are in an uproar over pre-ordering the title without being completely aware of the different release date that was clearly advertised. "What the... 2 DAYS??? Why the heck did I buy…


Modern Warfare 2: Retail DVDs broken!

For those of you who are PC gamers, you should wait on buying Modern Warfare 2 from the retailers, if at all. The PC version comes with 2 discs but it seems that only the actual game is working and not the extra content on the second DVD. The first DVD/Disc is about 6.9 GB which seems to be the standard size for games that are coming out now. Unfortunately…


RedLynx pirated their own game!

RedLynx, the developer of Trials games, said that it seeded pirate torrent sites with neutered copies of the game in order to stoke interest in the title. Tero Virtala, the RedLynx CEO, said that the pirated version his team sent out did not include leaderboard support, which Virtala called the "soul" of the game. In other words, the pirate version functioned as a kind of demo without being a demo,…

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Gearbox: Valve is childish and narrow minded

  Valve’s dislike of the PS3 isn’t exactly a secret and because of that Randy Pitchford, the President of Gearbox (the developers of Borderlands), felt the need to speak up in Sony’s defense. In a recent interview with the U.K.’s Official PlayStation Magazine, Pitchford said: I noticed something on the net not too long ago. Doug Lombardi (Valve's VP Marketing) had to take a swipe at the PS3 again, and…


Online Retailers Refusing To Sell Modern Warfare 2

Kotaku just posted that Direct2Drive won't be selling Modern Warfare 2 on their PC digital delivery service. Why? Because of rival platform - Steam. The game includes mandatory installation of Valve's Steamworks, which the game uses for stuff like installation, DRM and save-game management. Something Direct2Drive (which is owned by website IGN) are having none of, telling: We don't believe games should force the user to install a Trojan Horse.…


Shattered Horizon overpriced!

Most of us - Steam Unpowered team - participated in closed beta of Shattered Horizon – a pretty decent space shooter. The agreement between testers and Futuremark forbids us to tell you more about the game or even post screenshots. Anyway, I will tell you that the first thing I did on the official forums was a thread with a request to price this game equally around the world as…


DLGamer: Discount coupon for our readers!

Thanks to DLGamer we received a 10% (5€) off discount coupon on the upcoming hit Borderlands. The game is already 10% off in pre-order which gives us a total of 20% off. Here’s the coupon: 5ER719935 And here's a link to buy the game: NOTE: STEAM UNPOWERED IS NOT CONNECTED IN ANY WAY WITH CDKEY STORES OR DIGITAL STORES, WE ARE JUST PROVIDING THE BEST STEAM ALTERNATIVES FOUND ON…


Another success of World of Goo

Our users wrote some time ago that the 2D Boy company decided to sell their product for the price, the buyer chooses. This was a very good decision, because over 57.000 people bought it. The detailed data shows that 16.582 people paid a penny, 6483 one dollar, while up to 15.797 issued a sum between one and two dollars, and more - up to six dollars - another 13.877 people.…

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Gordon Freeman is All The Greatest Video Game Hero!

Gamespot had contest running to find out, who is The Hero of all the video games. Their editors picked 64 heroes from various games for different gaming platforms to find out, who is the best hero of them all (One hero to rule them all, one hero to find them, one hero to bring them all and in the darkness bind them). Players all around the world had chance to vote for their favorite hero for 3 months.



Gabe Newell in Australia

Sorry I’m posting this so late but I didn’t have much time. Here’s the presentation from Australia – with Joe (the creator of Fly Gabe Newell campaign) and Gabe Newell. Unfortunately Joe did not ask a question from our group (at least not on the video) which simply was “why do Europeans have to pay twice on Steam?” but I don’t blame him… I mean he met Gabe Newell, good job :)

Watch the video right here:

And here’s the original article from

Joe W-A was miffed when the L4D campaign mod he’d been working on wasn’t deemed awesome enough to warrant him being flown to Valve HQ to preview L4D2. Other modders were, mostly to get them onside as peer-leaders to counter the odd anti-L4D2 community uprising happening at the time.

Anyway, Joe managed to get Gabe Newell to agree to fly to Brisbane, Australia to check out the mod-in-progress — provided Joe paid the airfare. “I was just joking”, said Gabe today. With pure internet inventiveness, Joe got the community rallied and raised the fare in a couple of days.



Euro Gamer prepares it’s own digital distribution store!

According to Czech Euro Gamer website (translated by Google) they are planning to start a new digital distribution service for Europeans called Get Games. And here’s what they said: Steam’s European competition was officially announced today. People prefer digital distribution before retail versions of games. The increase in popularity of services such as Steam is a nice proof. European network Eurogamer is planning its own digital distribution system called Get…