Left 4 Dead 2: PC demo delayed once more!


Do you regret pre-ordering L4D2 for early demo access/special weapon?

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Looks like they’re having a blast!

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I run this place! :D

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  1. slay

    hallelujah, it works!

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  2. slay

    The wait is now ended. Maybe sooner, maybe not Left 4 Dead 2 demo is now available! Or not…

    It says 100% – Ready, but when trying to run – The game is currently unavailable.

    Okay, after restarting steam, it started to unlock by decrypting Steam game files, so … almost there :)

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  3. slay

    so .. maybe they found some critical bugs, now valve community guys are testing it

    anyway, time for torchlight :)

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  4. Zuko

    2m 22s overdue

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  5. slay

    as I understand 11pm CET, so 23 minutes from now?

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  6. slay

    yes, I think too that it is very good that L4D2 demo is delayed, more time for Torchlight! :)

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  7. fix-cz

    I don’t regret pre-ordering, I didn!t pre-ordered :D

    And Torchlight is really good (played demo so far)

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  8. Jibece

    Torchlight is so good that I don’t rage :D

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  9. Rad-86

    i want more.. i want zoey naked in my bed

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  10. XanderCz

    FUCKIN’ RAGE!!!!!!11!1!1!!1!1!!!oneoneoneoneone

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  11. prawn

    Go fuck yourself Mr. Valveman

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