Euro Gamer prepares it’s own digital distribution store!

According to Czech Euro Gamer website (translated by Google) they are planning to start a new digital distribution service for Europeans called Get Games.

And here’s what they said:

Steam’s European competition was officially announced today. People prefer digital distribution before retail versions of games. The increase in popularity of services such as Steam is a nice proof.

European network Eurogamer is planning its own digital distribution system called Get Games – in cooperation with Mastertronic, which is a well known British distribution company.

Mastertronic sold over 30 million titles on the PC platform,” said Andy Payne, head of the company. “The last five years, we’ve been selling some titles in pure digital form, so we gathered enough experience in this field. When you combine that experience with quality content and attendance of Eurogamer, we have a winning formula.”

Focus new digital distribution to Get Games on PC games.

The offer will be: the latest news, independent and classic titles and games available for free.

“Small and independent producers often contact us because they want us to help in promoting their games,” said Rupert Loman, Managing Director of Eurogamer Network. “With this new service we can provide a lot of such gaming enthusiasts.”

Get Games will have its headquarters in London. It will have all sorts of specialists, programmers and customer support. The exact launch date has not yet been officially announced, but it will be sooner than you probably think.

Future goal is to start local versions of the new service for digital distribution across Europe.

Thanks to fix-cz for providing the news!

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  1. netlork

    Wheeeennnn, pleaaseeeee??? XD

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  2. Amadeus

    “Sooner than you probably think”? What?

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  3. Kossak

    great! i prefer everything else (almost) over steam :)

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  4. rpsgc

    If it’s priced correctly I’m all for it.

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  5. Rhonin the wizard

    More competition is always good. But I’ll be cautiously optimistic until it is launched.

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