Steam: Team Fortress 2 Halloween Update!

Get it for:


Get extra TF2 hats (limited amount!):

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I run this place! :D

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  1. ld13

    And for the last time, It is $2.49 for the next hour or 2! :D

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  2. ld13

    Guys… its that time again. $2.50! :D

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  3. just_do_it_ffs

    Wow, if L4D had updates like this what an amazing game it would have been! Hard to imagine it’s the same company that behind them both…

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  4. Zuko

    So you started seeing all these Gibus hats around, but nobody would tell you where to get one, huh? And now that you’ve found out about it, the supply is gone! Oh, well. I guess you should turn off your computer. So long. Thanks for visiting this page for no reason.

    Okay, now that we’ve weeded out all the quitters, here’s how to get a Gibus of your very own. You know those smug hat-wearing so-and-so’s who didn’t tell you where to get a hat the first time around? Go dominate one of them while they’re flaunting the Gibus and we’ll give you one of your own! It’s the exact same hat–but better, because unlike them, you will have earned it!

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  5. ld13

    2,49€ is a ripoff,
    Only $2.49 here. nice. Anyone want one? :P

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  6. ld13

    too late :(

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  7. MarkAltair

    out :O

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  8. Zuko

    sorry we are out of fine underwear

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