Gordon Freeman is All The Greatest Video Game Hero!

Gamespot had contest running to find out, who is The Hero of all the video games. Their editors picked 64 heroes from various games for different gaming platforms to find out, who is the best hero of them all (One hero to rule them all, one hero to find them, one hero to bring them all and in the darkness bind them). Players all around the world had chance to vote for their favorite hero for 3 months.

I believed that Lara Croft vs Gordon Freeman will be facing eachother in final round, but Lara got buttkicked long time ago by Super Mario, who defeated all other opponents too and faced Gordon Freeman at the final round.

The final round link here. And results link here. See all the standings tree here.

And here is the winner: Gordon Freeman of Half-Life series!

Gamespot FAQ:

What is All Time Greatest Game Hero?
The All Time Greatest Game Hero is an opportunity for our users, our editorial staff, game publishers, and every part of the gaming community to come together and settle the question: Who is the single greatest hero ever to star in a video game? No, this isn’t a quick poll that you vote in once and walk away from. This one’s for all the marbles. The winning hero will receive a special honor that eventually come to live on GameSpot, permanently, and the winning voters who correctly pick the winning brackets and the greatest heroes will win all the glory in the form of bragging rights and fabulous prizes, while the losers suffer the agony of defeat.

Check out humorous “Half-Life 1” episodes by Ross Scott: Follow the thoughts of Dr. Gordon Freeman, a 27 year old physicist and neurotic individual. Sample video here below and playlist with all episodes located here.

Valve response:

To celebrate Gamespot’s “All Time Greatest Game Hero” award to Half-Life’s Dr. Gordon Freeman we are offering all Half-Life games at 55.8% off!

There are other great game heroes, and we’re gonna let you play with them, but Gordon Freeman is THE BEST GAME HERO OF ALL TIME at least according to 55.8% of the gaming public – thank you to all who voted.

Half-Life Complete

US: $49.99 $21.99
UK: £26.99 £11.87 (12% lower)
EU Tier1: 49,99€ 21,99€ (49% higher)
EU Tier2: 37,99€ 9,99€ (32% lower)

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  1. XanderCz

    Well I voted for Freeman everytime

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  2. mik0

    This contest has more than a thing that doesn’t feel right, there’s something shady about it.
    From the hero battle choice to the final battle the only answer is that all the people who voted were out of their mind.
    How can Mario lose to a useless character like Gordon Freeman? And where are all the other hero? How could they have disappear in the process.
    Guybrush lose to the Wanderer? Freeman wons over Solid Snake. Ryu and Link…

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  3. slay

    Correct, it is last link in here:

    To celebrate Gamespot’s “All Time Greatest Game Hero” award to Half-Life’s Dr. Gordon Freeman we are offering all Half-Life games at 55.8% off!


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  4. Johnnnyboy15nl


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  5. Amadeus

    Friggin’ awesome. We 1 !!

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  6. glubbar

    Well, Gordon Freeman is a physicist and Mario is a plumber.
    What else is there to say? No need to argue.

    Gordon Freeman has a name, Mario doesn’t (some say his name is Mario Mario… LOL?).
    Gordon Freeman has no (or almost no) voice, Mario sounds like a… you know what.
    Gordon Freeman has a cool suit, Mario dresses up like Mickey Mouse?


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