Shattered Horizon overpriced!

Most of us – Steam Unpowered team – participated in closed beta of Shattered Horizon – a pretty decent space shooter. The agreement between testers and Futuremark forbids us to tell you more about the game or even post screenshots. Anyway, I will tell you that the first thing I did on the official forums was a thread with a request to price this game equally around the world as it comes out only on Steam. And guess what?

They annouced the pre-order of the game. Testers have it for 25% less (14,99€ in Europe excluding UK) and the rest of people 10% less (excluding UK). And it looks like this:

US: $17.99
UK: £13.49 (22% higher)
EU: 17,99€ (49% higher)

We’re not the only one whining about it.

If I remember correctly they replied in my thread that they will try to price it correctly (equally) but I guess they didn’t try hard enough.

The game gets boring after few hours ;) – and no, we weren’t bad in it, we actually scored in top 10.

Get S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Shadow of Chernobyl instead – it’s a really fun and solid shooter for only 5€.

Better discount from futuremark store and even better if you own 3DMark06, 3DMark Vantage or PCMark Vantage, you will receive a cdkey for your Steam account.

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  1. slay

    at least torchlight is finally out :)

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  2. slay

    I played it little bit as beta tester. Well yes, it was little bit innovative, but .. IMHO it was pointless. I didn’t like it, was disappointed. Maybe I suck at shooters but I was angered by slowness, it takes long time to get back to battlefield, and then bang, you’re dead, didn’t see that coming and then again from starting point hover so slowly to battlefield and then it starts again.

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  3. SultS

    Not to mention that not every country in Europe has to pay VAT.

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  4. raipekass

    I posted this to Futuremark forum, but it got deleted, so I will post it here instead.

    I was considering buying this game but after reading this?

    Basically you are offering us a deal to pay more so folks from UK and USA could pay less?

    No thanks

    Btw, here in Estonia where I live, we even do not use Euro yet.

    PS: From time to time I use proxy and UK credit card to buy games with UK price. But this time. Absolutely no! Forget it. Maybe I will get your game it from “Swedish guys” if Im bored. You know their names. They are still in business you know, got thanks. And because of your ingenious business model, it seems they will be in business for some time in a future.

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  5. stranded

    If you buy it from there it’s quite obvious you will receive a key for Steam because this game is Steam only.

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  6. MarkAltair says that I can use the 25% off discount if i have previously purchased a 3Dmark.but this discount is FROM THE FUTUREMARK STORE.

    it’s written in the “PS3” that i will receive a cd-key for my steam account o.O

    can you explain this,please ? ?_?

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  7. MarkAltair

    I have “3dmark06”. what i have to do to take the cdkey for steam ?:)

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  8. wiak

    saivert is sexy :P

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