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Dollar is back! WTF?

I've received few e-mails from random people that dollar is back, you just need to add something to your cart (still shows euros there!), then fill out all the data and go to the last step. I did it with COD4 (and I live in Poland), and see this: I did not use any proxy or anything. Notice that the price is WITH VAT INCLUDED but it doesn't show how…


Happy New Year!

2009 is already here in my area, I wish everyone to have a good year and lower prices on Steam Store ;) Now go and have some fun xD


E-mail from CD Projekt (The Witcher)

I've asked CD Projekt RED about the prices on Steam and here's an e-mail I've just received: Hello,CD Projekt RED is not a direct seller of the game, the seller is Atari. Price of the game is determined on the basis of Valve -> Atari offered money plus a margin. CDP RED is the creator of the game only and does not affect the pricing policy of the companies -…


Boomtown agrees that prices are too much

I don't know how many of you (if any) are members of Boomtown, but I get their newsletter and one of their articles caught my eye. It's in Danish, so many probably won't understand it, but I'll try to translate as best as I can. Read more in here. News thanks to Crash(DK)!


Doug Lombardi – you save that money

Doug Lombardi is a VP of Marketing for Valve (from After years in the music industry, Doug decided to get a real job. Then he came to his senses and made the decision to get into the gaming industry instead. During his time in gaming, he has worked on the launch of websites, magazines, and games. As VP of Marketing at Valve, he helps manage and coordinate third-party relations,…


Aquaria on Steam, behind the scenes

Aquaria's developer posted some info about his game coming out on Steam, few people left comments that Europe is fucked with too high prices, and Alec responded with: And then: You can read the whole story in here!


Ubisoft goes worldwide

With shitty prices, but at least it's available worldwide now. Check out this link! In case it disappears, like things do on Valve's websites, here's a screenshot:


No holiday sale?

Well, it seems that: a) Steam Store is up and running b) all of the sudden all holiday sales are not here (those were available at least 1 hour ago, few people seen it) Old holiday sales can be found here.


Steam Goes European – Prices Go Crazy

Directly from Rock Paper Shotgun Steam is going native for Europeans. Currently in beta, you can log in to the website version with your account and see all the prices in pounds, including VAT. Which brings both good and bad news. The good news is some of the current prices. They’ve gone a bit mad. The bad news: it might be the end of future savings when buying things via…

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It’s over 9000!

Our group reached 9000 members, and it's on the first page of Steam Community groups around the world!

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Prices going down?!

It seems that prices in the Steam Store for European customers are finally being fixed! Here's one example I have managed to find! Note: I have used 22% VAT example below! Even without any tax those games are cheaper for Europeans! Dawn of War: Platinum Edition Europe: 14,99 Euros œ- no tax USA: 29.99 Dollars + 6.59 VAT tax = 36.58 Dollars Exact exchange rate: 36,58 USD is…

3 Comments games are the same price, no matter where you live

As we get close to saying "Adios!" for a few days, we just wanted to bring your attention to a new point on our About Us page. The critically acclaimed "Point 8" proclaims that we offer the "same game, same price, no matter where you're from!" With our humble Polish roots, we know how frustrating it can be to have access to products or other online services limited for geographic…


Pricing is set by them, rather than us

Following is said by Miles Jacobson, Managing Director of Sports Interactive SEGA on their community web site, about pricing on steam (link): "Pricing is set by them, rather than us, although that sounds a bit odd.Will see if I can find out any info on it." News thanks to dammskog!



Hi! If you want to chat live with us you can join our IRC channel. Join #steamunpowered on Quakenet! You can also click Join IRC! on the menu on right.



Please sign this online petition if you want: 1€ is no 1$ , Give Europeans their old gameprices Not that online petitions actually mean something, but still lets make this big on the net.


Welcome on the website!

As you know, the Steam Forums are being censored: And our main topic about the European currency is the main target of Volunteer Moderators team. Everything bad about Steam or Valve is being cut out. That's why I have decided to create our own place for discussion and latest news.

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