Did you get anything on the holiday sale?

I was wondering how many of you bought something this holiday season on Steam? Leave a comment on what you’ve bought and vote in the new poll!

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I run this place! :D

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  1. erik

    You are weak!

    I did not buy anything. 25% off games was still more expencive than before 1€=$1 and the 50% and 75% games i did not buy due to the fact that i still have my honor intact

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  2. dev_eight

    I bought Left 4 Dead for 33,74€, this price (-25%) is the price the game usually is in stores here. So it wasn’t really a discount, just a normalization.

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  3. Chre

    Hi all,

    Finally, I bought that

    Half-Life 2, episode 2 : 13,49€
    Portal : 3,74 €

    Sum for 17,23€

    Why? Because I can’t find episode 2 in store, and, even in €, prices seems to be raisonnable ;)

    See you,

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  4. Unold

    Mass Effect – 40.49€
    Bioshock 4.99 €
    I-Fluid – 4.99 €
    Call of Duty 4: Modern Warface – 37.49
    Unreal Tournament 3 – 9.99€

    sum – 97,55 €

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