Ubisoft goes worldwide

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With shitty prices, but at least it’s available worldwide now.
Check out this link!

In case it disappears, like things do on Valve’s websites, here’s a screenshot:

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  1. raipekass

    FC2 is not a game. Its a pain.

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  2. Morph

    Fox, what the hell makes you think that BG&E2 is console only? even on gamerankings.com its marked as PC/x360/PS3. And there was no info about its platforms yet if i recon. So dont hate Ubi for something that’s not true.
    Source: http://www.gamerankings.com/htmlpages2/946596.asp

    Btw, about PoP 2008: ridiculous price, 45 euros with -25%, that means the full price would be 60 uros. And I bought the game for ~28 euros at a shop…a bit big difference imo.

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  3. palker4

    At least i have now IL2 1946 available for 10EUR only

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  4. Fox

    I still hate Ubisoft for making Beyond Good & Evil 2 console only, and making it easier than the first one to appeal to the new audience.

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