Steam Support can’t read?

Haha read this, I feel sorry for this guy!

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I run this place! :D

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  1. jojo

    lol, it seems that steam support barely reads their messages.

    some time ago i got “unsuccesfully” phished by another steamfriends user.
    so when i tried to inform them about the user, they just resetted my acount password.
    and replied with a standard email.

    nothing like, thanks for reporting a phisher, his account will be monitored and maybe banned.


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  2. cosy

    i loled tbqh :|

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  3. EvilRebel

    Had same problem as that guy (with the card not the support). Worked perfectly 36 hours later

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  4. XanderCz

    Wow! What the hell happened with Steam? Anyway I had this problem too. I fixed it using my virtual card I got from the bank. Or I just use Papal that works too.

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