Steam Goes European – Prices Go Crazy

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Steam is going native for Europeans. Currently in beta, you can log in to the website version with your account and see all the prices in pounds, including VAT. Which brings both good and bad news.

The good news is some of the current prices. They’ve gone a bit mad. The bad news: it might be the end of future savings when buying things via Steam.

So let’s take a look at some of the good news. These are all in GBP. The beta looks at your location and assigns the correct currency, so I’m afraid I can’t work out the same for Euros. Perhaps readers can.

Right now there’s some odd prices up there. Bioshock is currently £13.99. On the US Steam it’s at a mystifying $54.99. Which when bought at UK prices, with tax, would be £42.38. That’s a mysterious saving of over £28. Er, blimey. The Complete Pack for Civ IV is a whopping $59.99 for Americans. That would have been £46.21 for us. It’s £26.99 on the EU beta. Even some brand new games, like GTA 4, have notable savings. US converted price: £30.80. EU price: £26.99. And the complete publisher packs are currently insanely cheap. Fire sale prices.

Edit: Have to include this one. Civ 3 Complete US: £23.12. Civ 3 Complete UK: £2.99. Huh?

Which all sort of leads you to suspect that something’s gone wrong. Which should then lead you to login to the beta page and buy this stuff before someone fixes it. Because even if these prices are intentional, they might not last…

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  1. cosy

    Bioshock 19,99€
    Civ IV 29,99€
    GTA 4 49,99€
    Civ 3 4,99€

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