Euro is back…again.

They have fixed “the bug” and right now everything is in €, even in the checkout.


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I run this place! :D

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  1. jalf

    Heh, Steam Support replied to my question (I bought Mass Effect during the few hours when it was priced in dollars).

    They gave me this very polite and serviceminded response:
    Due to a recent error with our billing system your order was processed using an incorrect currency.

    This issue has been resolved, and you should now be able to complete your purchase with the appropriate price and currency.

    If desired, we will refund your purchase as a one time service gesture. This will allow you to complete a new purchase reflecting the corrected price.
    Given that the price I actually paid ($38) is quite a bit below what they’re charging normally (€45), I doubt I’ll take advantage of their “one time service gesture”. I don’t think I’ll ask for a refund so I can buy the game again at twice the price… Thanks for the offer, though :)

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  2. juro

    Well, a decrease in European sales, raging forums regarding the 1$=1€ equasion, and usergroups with thousands of members should give them a hint about the source of the problem.

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  3. Tzares

    wow that came out negative >

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  4. Tzares

    it wont work, as the big game corporations blaim their loss in sales not on their incompetence, but on piracy.. 8/

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  5. juro

    Yes, you can. Don’t buy their products. It worked for me when EA started their “here’s a sh*tty game for your hard-earned cash” policy, and it’s gonna work againts Valve too. Easy.

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  6. thetifa

    I have no idea why are they doing this to us. They know this will end bad -lawsuits, etc.-
    You can’t do anything against money hungry corporations.

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  7. emka

    nevermind they’re back in euro

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  8. emka

    well im from Romania and I see all prices in usd now… wth

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  9. meeron

    i wonder if Valve will do something with USD=EUR issue. this state is unaccaptable.

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  10. mr. friday

    yeah same here in switzerland now :(

    i luckily bought Left 4 Dead on 3 January in USD (49.99) correctly without any VAT, because we don’t have VAT in CH on digital products by law.

    now i also have Euro again :-/

    and much worse!! example: if the price is 19.99 including VAT (19% for germany), i still have to pay 19.99! at checkout it says 0.- VAT but the game price stays at 19.99.

    that’s very very bad valve… i really hope that’s just a mistake not made on purpose.

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  11. Fox

    steam fail

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  12. Pyro Gourmand

    … cause you suck ? /jesuslol :D

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  13. Zuko

    VALVE… wtf?

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