Just WOW

THQ is actually pretty nice for it’s European customers:

9,99€ = $13.98

EA…seriously this is bullshit:

44,99€ = $62.97…

News thanks to EvilRebel!

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I run this place! :D

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  1. raipekass

    EA must be kidding…

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  2. Spooky

    EA got his own price politic. Check the online stores from US and EU, you will feel the difference. Global marketing? My azz.

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  3. Fox

    The package price for Dawn of War Platinum is pretty nice at 14,99. Definitely worth checking out when they finally apply the christmas sale discounts.


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  4. netlork

    Good for THQ :)

    Now, despite all the bad, I’m seriously thinking of buying the Frontline, is a game that took time to follow. But for the moment, i wait.

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  5. vincister

    Yeah, but the packages are still the same.
    Company of Heroes: Gold still 29,99€ and $29,99
    THQ Collector Pack still 99,99€ and $99,99

    Just another marketing trick to fool people, making only one product cheaper.

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