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Summer Giveaway 2013 begins!

Hello boys and girls! Our annual Summer Lottery is currently up until Sunday (August 18th). You can win some pretty good games thanks to – of course the titles are for now a secret :> You know how it goes right? Register an account here and simply participate in the lottery by clicking on the image below or here. Good luck!


Seal drawings winners are here!

Sorry this took so much time. We’ll try to be faster next time. Here are the winners, everyone gets a copy of DOTA 2. That’s all that we can offer at this time… Only their first names are given here to avoid any controversial comments and bad behavior ;) 1st Place – Javier   2nd Place – Jozef   3rd Place – Leonardo

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Super Special Random Giveaway is now live!

Thanks to this Super Special Random Giveaway is now live until tomorrow midday (somewhere around 15:00 / 3PM)! You just gotta answer a few simple questions and you’ll have a chance to win some games. The winners will be picked at random and will be listed later tomorrow - you’ll have around 4 days to redeem your games when you win!


Spring Giveaway ends on Sunday (March 31st)

If you still haven’t participated in our annual giveaway you still have a chance! All you need to do is complete the easy poll on the lottery page and you’re done. So far we’ve got 637 entries in the lottery! Most of you failed on the first question but I’m making an exception here and giving you all amnesty on this one. All games in the lottery are Steam redeemable!…


Spring Giveaway 2013 is here!

Here it is guys! Now you have another chance to win some free games. Enter the lottery now and answer few short questions and stuff. The lottery is totally random (winners are picked by our automated system). Winners will be announced on March 31st. Game CD-Keys, gifts or any other delivery methods will be sent to you by private message system on our website. There are no restrictions here, you…


Shootmania Beta – winners!

So after hours of discussion we finally picked the winners You will receive Shootmania Beta keys in your private message inbox shortly. PunkZoli Kinder Machen Andy iZeMiZe .WiseGuy     As I said earlier we have another lottery coming up, 50 Steam keys this time, stay tuned!


Giveaway: 5 x Shootmania Beta!

Here we go, this time we have 5 x Shootmania Beta keys to giveaway. All you need to do is enter the giveaway by drawing a doodle. Theme of the competition is: FAVORITE VIDEO GAME CHARACTER ON DRUGS Put ‘SHOOTMANIA CONTEST’ under description and use your username. CREATE A DOODLE & POST IT IN COMMENTS BELOW (JUST LINK IT)   You can find your doodle here (copy the link with…


RAVAGED – Steam beta keys for you!!!

Thanks to 2 Dawn Games we have just received 100 keys for the closed beta of Ravaged. Codes need to be redeemed on the official website site here first for access to the Steam keys. Here’s a short message from the 2 Dawn Games: There's still a lot which is in progress (bug reporting here and suggestions here). For example, In addition to bugs and polish, we're working on adding…