Super Special Random Giveaway is now live!

Thanks to this Super Special Random Giveaway is now live until tomorrow midday (somewhere around 15:00 / 3PM)! You just gotta answer a few simple questions and you’ll have a chance to win some games. The winners will be picked at random and will be listed later tomorrow – you’ll have around 4 days to redeem your games when you win!

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I run this place! :D

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  1. xeramon

    I loved the last question :D

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  2. ReD_RuDy

    hard questions :D haha nice thx

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    1. ReD_RuDy

      Nepeta cataria – hahahaha XD
      Steam Unpowered exists since… ??? hm…..

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  3. Darth Grumpy

    Doubt Ill win, but why not make an attempt.. lol

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  4. ajaxmansion

    Nice very nice i hope win something :) good luck everybody !

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  5. Daniel415

    Nice giveaway.Thanks.

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  6. crazy4ever

    Great, Big thanks to you BundleStars and SteamUnpowered :)

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