New Giveaway is up thanks to!

Hey guys, it’s here! Click on the image below to enter, you can register the account for lottery here.

Lottery ends on September 16th!

For the first time in years we will tell you what you can win in this lottery! Read more below :)

Games sponsored by

Rayman Legends

Far Cry 3 Blood Dragon

Dead Space 2

Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning

+ a bunch of random secret games from SteamUnpowerd :)

Enter the lottery now by clicking on the image below or here.

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I run this place! :D

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  1. Pepperoni

    wow all the stuff looks pretty good.

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  2. rose101

    That was hard but still already supported the contest.

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  3. jecalderon

    I couldn’t resist choosing “Dicks” as answer to question 3. So DICKS it is for me!

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  4. CSX

    Soooo, are these games for Steam? Or do we need Origin and UPlay when we win those games? (As far as I know Dead Space 2 is not on Steam.) Because I will not participate if non-Steam.

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    1. Dragoon

      For Dead Space you already figured out and Far Cry 3 Blood Dragon will require always an Uplay account. Even when on Steam, as it is will all new Ubisoft games.

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  5. Dragoon

    Thanks Stranded for the third question. Absolutely priceless. XD

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  6. rankor

    I think everybody can answer last question without even knowing where is the gallery :D

    Thanks for another awesome lottery.

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  7. p90

    I am unsure about question 1.
    i guess they mean instant but CDKeyGamer says: Instant or between 2-3h

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  8. xeramon

    Oh boy… I will have to draw flowers all night…

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  9. RaNBOY

    The last question was the hardest :P

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    1. LoGa

      yeah… flowers of course :D

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    2. Dragoon

      Not sure if hardest but certainly stiffy. ;)

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  10. fidelcastrol

    Thanks a lot for the lottery. Though I’m having troubles with different colors, I’m sort of colorblind and can hardly differentiate purple and gray :/ took the closest option, I hope you keep that in mind ;)

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    1. stranded

      thanks for the info, I’ve never thought of that, will make sure this never happens in the future :)

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    2. Smertnik

      I’m not colourblind and even I can’t tell what the colour is supposed to be.

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