Picture contest winners! :)

Here are the winners from our latest picture contest. Here we go!!! Patty says thanks to everyone who participated and keep your eyes open for another contest! :D You’ll get your games by e-mail today.

1st Place

Steven Quail (location unknown): McPixel, Serious Sam Double D


2nd Place

Dylan Matthews (picture taken on Bali): Commandos Behind Enemy Lines, Serious Sam The Random Encounter

3rd Place

Barba (picture taken in Croatia):  Painkiller Overdose

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I run this place! :D

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  1. Jake

    I doubt the second one is off the internet because it isn’t even that accurate.

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  2. Matt

    gg this competition is dead everyone get a random picture from internet and won

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  3. trancemansion

    who said jealus i don’t even compete but competition deserves to be fair !!!

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  4. trancemansion

    yep second one is looking to be a web image too…

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    1. Barba

      but i am the editor of that site and that is my home town and i took those pictures so dont be jealus little twat

      No votes yet.
      1. cheater

        editor of that website dont care about steam keys they have bigger stuff to do

        No votes yet.

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