Who wants free games?! Another contest!

This time we want you to:

Prepare a lovely meal for Patricia.

Send pictures to:


Winners are going to be announced around April 28th (Sunday). The rules are: be creative, be fun and be offensive! Go! The best 3 pictures with food on them (could be any kind of food really) win free, Steam redeemable games.

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I run this place! :D

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  1. ibou

    Sent ^^

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  2. stranded

    Some of the entries are amazing, keep it up!!!

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  3. ibou

    i can draw well so can i draw some foods !!!

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  4. ibou

    Ok the picture of the food only !!

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  5. ibou

    I did not understand the laws of the game well o.O
    Do we have to take food in our hands or what !!

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  6. ReaperX

    :O I thought it was a man…hahahah

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  7. crazy4ever

    Still don’t want to say who Patricia is? Thanks for those events though :)

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