Spring Giveaway 2013 is here!

Here it is guys! Now you have another chance to win some free games. Enter the lottery now and answer few short questions and stuff. The lottery is totally random (winners are picked by our automated system). Winners will be announced on March 31st. Game CD-Keys, gifts or any other delivery methods will be sent to you by private message system on our website.

Spring Lottery 2013

There are no restrictions here, you don’t have to be registered since any particular time frame, you don’t need to be a member of our Steam group (but hey! you should!). The only thing you need is an account on our website which can be connected with Steam, Facebook, Twitter and other social accounts.

Don’t worry we don’t collect e-mail addresses for any other reason than lottery and giveaways, we will never give those to anyone. Fuck spam.

OK peace out and have fun! B-) Leave a comment below if you wanna say thanks!


34 responses to “Spring Giveaway 2013 is here!”

  1. Gigel Pedala Avatar

    Thanks for the lottery,want to win

  2. jéssé Stranislav Avatar

    yataaaaaaaaaa thanks

  3. MrDewenneck Avatar

    Thx for the lottery :D

  4. stranded Avatar

    All games that you can win are Steam redeemable so far :P

  5. 0cube Avatar

    Well the beginning of spring is actually different region by region. According to wikipedia, “In some regions in the Northern Hemisphere, the astronomical March equinox (varying between 19 and 21 March) is taken to mark the first day of spring, and the Northern solstice (around 21 June) is taken as the first day of summer.” (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Spring_%28season%29#Astronomical_and_solar_reckoning)

    But who cares, good luck everyone!

  6. onetoriginal Avatar

    Hmm. I saw March 20 everywhere therefore I choose the second option.

  7. rottencat Avatar


  8. Kossak Avatar

    thx and good luck

  9. Jaymz Avatar

    Good luck :P

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