Super random contest is up!


Since you guys didn’t send any pictures (well only 2 crappy ones) we’re extending the contest until October 20th. Come on guys!


Hello gamers! Here is another contest for you:

Take a picture of something beautiful from your location for Patricia.


You have to put SteamUnpowered logo (download below and print it out or display it on your phone/tablet) or some kind of proof that this particular picture was taken for this contest.

Send your photos to:


leave a comment with a picture below!

The rules are: be creative, be fun and be offensive! Go! The best ideas win free, Steam redeemable games. Contest ends on October 7th.

In other news we still have to giveaway games for the bonus pre-halloween lottery winners! Stay tuned, I’m just about to get those games in my hands.

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I run this place! :D

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  1. bonder

    so, this contest was just completely reneged?

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  2. bonder

    Mine was taken just for this contest – overlooking the desert mountains of the American Southwest! No photo-shopping logos over this pic, you can even see my crumby handwriting :)

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  3. Steven Cojo

    wanted to join, but forgot, will do soon

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  4. Ca vang

    After every storm comes a rainbow
    took in Vung Tau beach Vietnam :)

    I have 2 pictures

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    1. Ca vang

      there is another one

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    2. Ca vang

      eh wrong post cant delete :(( here is another one btw

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  5. stranded

    got your email and i will remove this big pic ;)

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  6. Har_g2001

    I sent mine by mail. Enjoy !

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  7. Kwai1

    Omg…shame on us!! Okay, tomorrow im gonna took a photo.
    Just one question, How to be offensive with a beautiful photo ?
    Oh, and one more, since i have no idea about editing, so should i put out photo from my camera to PC and then put a SteamUnpowered logo with a for example Paint program on it ? Or how to do it ?
    Thank you!

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    1. stranded

      just print out the thing or even leave a note with steamunpowered on it and date and you’re good to go!!!

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  8. Felsmukk

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    1. Felsmukk

      Apparently my previous link didn’t show up. Maybe this will. WTB preview.

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  9. shakdude

    Oh dang I didn’t mean for it to come out that big, could I have the pic down so it fits better? lol

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  10. Txiki Vitorino

    I have come here to drink milk and kick ass…and I’m all out of milk

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