BundleStars giveaway winners!

Here are the winners! We had a total of 311 participants. Most of you had no problem completing the poll. Lets just announce it and have a great weekend! :)

And of course thanks to BundleStars.com for sponsoring those games to our visitors, we’re looking forward to more events like this.

Here are the prizes! And here’s how to redeem them: For a winner to claim their free bundle, they just need to add the full Indie Catnip or Indie Mashup (i.e. all 10 games, not just 2) to their basket, then enter the unique code into the discount field. This makes the bundles free!







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I run this place! :D

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  1. FedeSeg

    Thank you! :)

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  2. LexLama

    Thank you so much !!

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  3. Gokburt

    No stats?

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    1. stranded

      Entries: 311
      Good: 298
      Bad: 13

      1. ok=309 / fail=2
      2. ok=308 / fail=3
      3. ok=307 / fail=4
      4. ok=305 / fail=6
      5. ok=311 / fail=0

      Added diagrams :)

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  4. ajaxmansion

    more give aways i need to win something :(

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  5. mobenstein

    WooHoo! Thank you steamunpowered, thank you bundlestars!

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