Will You Be My Valentine – ends in 12 hours!

Last chance to win Evolve and loads of gift cards thanks to G2A guys! Enter here and participate in the giveaway, tell your friends. The giveaway ends on midnight!

Remember to leave your proper e-mail address at your account settings if you are logging in with Steam, Facebook etc. because all prizes will be sent to their winners directly by G2A.com that’s why we need e-mail addresses to be correct – private messages on site won’t work this time.


What can you win? Here is the list of prizes:

  • Evolve x 3
  • 10€ G2A Gift Cards x 5
  • 1€ G2A Gift Cards x 500

Winter Giveaway 2014 is now live!

It’s here guys! Fill out this simple quiz to have a chance to win some free games thanks to our sponsors we have some AAA titles in stock! :)


Winter Giveaway 2014 Announcement

Sponsors are: JustCDKeysCDKeyPrices and Games Republic.

The giveaway event ends on January 4th 2015! :)

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Big Fucking Giveaway ends in 13 hours!

Just a reminder to all of you guys!!! Only 13 hours left in our biggest giveaway so far. Here are the sponsors: CDKeyPrices, GameMafiaPro, SmartPixel and CDKeysDark! And of course a huge part of the games comes from us :)


We rarely do that but here is the sneak peak of the prizes.

Games (multiple copies of some!):

  • Borderlands 2 GOTY
  • Watch_Dogs + Watch_Dogs DLC
  • Skyrim
  • Hard Reset Extended Edition
  • Zeno Clash 2
  • Age of Empires 2 HD Edition + The Forgotten
  • Painkiller Hell & Damnation
  • Shaun White Skateboarding
  • and many more!!!


  • 10 SmartPixel licenses! (a very nice recording software and easy video editing software)

Let everyone know, tell your friends!!! This is the last chance.

Simply login on site and participate by going here. The giveaway ends today.


Big Fucking Giveaway is here!!!

Hey hey hey! I am still not entirely capable of managing the site, should be back in few days but I’ve managed to access a computer so here are the details! :)

You will have a chance to win games and software thanks to GameMafia, CDKeyPrices, SmartPixel and other partners, let everyone know, tell your friends, tell your mother! Do it!

Simply login on site and participate by going here. The giveaway ends on July 1st. Meanwhile keep on looking at our site to have a chance to win random Steam keys through out the giveaway period.

Click here to participate!

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Spring Giveaway 2014 Winners!

Hello guys, sorry about the long wait, here are the winners! :) Check your private messages on site (top notification bar on site!) for the game codes or game gift links. Thank you for participating and keep an eye on Easter 2014 events on Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus!!! Thanks to CDKeyPrices as well.

Note: If you’ve won please leave a comment below! :)

Spring Lottery Winners


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Spring Giveaway 2014 is now live! :)

Here we go again with a batch of free games to win featuring: Tropico Reloaded, Dead Island Epidemic, Gimbal, Superfrog HD, The Showdown Effect and a lot more other Steam games. How to win? Simply login (or register – registration with Steam might be broken for now…) and fill out the quiz in here, tell your friends!!! :) We will also have a special prize coming sponsored by CDKeyPrices.com.

Keep on watching our social sites for special treats… The lottery ends on April 4th! Results are coming shortly after. Peace out!

Spring Lottery 2014 Is now live!

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