G2A Spring Cleaning contest now up! #G2Aspringcleaning

Here's a nice event on G2A. Just clean your dirty PC gear and win new toys! Check out the details below. How to win? Prepare a piece of paper with #G2Aspringcleaning hashtag on it and include it on every contest photo.Take a “before picture” of your dirty hardware, desk, gaming device or set up (it could be a console, it could be a PC, it’s up to you on what…


GamesPlanet: Fallout 4 launch deal and contest!

Here is a nice event from GamesPlanet! They are offering Fallout 4 at £35.19 / €49.99 which might not be the lowest price (here is the price comparison) but the goodies itself it gives you are nice enough. There's a bunch of discounts and a contest! See below :) Each order on Fallout 4 comes with the following: Steam activation key for Fallout 4 (instant delivery) 20% off voucher on Fallout 4 Season Pass…


Ho ho ho! Drawing contest!

Here’s another contest - this time for Christmas! Draw a Christmas drawing for Patricia. You have time until morning of December 26th. Send your drawings to: contest@steamunpowered.eu The rules are: be creative, be fun and be offensive! Naked Santa, kinky Christmas tree? You name it! Winner of the best drawing gets 3 Steam games, second and third place get 2 Steam games each. It could be anything, MS Paint, Photoshop,…


Picture contest winners! :)

Here are the winners from our latest picture contest. Here we go!!! Patty says thanks to everyone who participated and keep your eyes open for another contest! :D You’ll get your games by e-mail today. 1st Place Steven Quail (location unknown): McPixel, Serious Sam Double D   2nd Place Dylan Matthews (picture taken on Bali): Commandos Behind Enemy Lines, Serious Sam The Random Encounter 3rd Place Barba (picture taken in…


Reminder: Picture contest is almost over, 1 day left!

Hurry up if you still want to have a chance to win free, Steam redeemable games send us a picture! That’s right, send us a picture of something beautiful in your location (country, city, town etc.) and Patricia is going to pick the winners. So far she is not pleased so you guys better go outside and take those damn pictures or I might be injured! :D Send your photos…


Super random contest is up!


Since you guys didn’t send any pictures (well only 2 crappy ones) we’re extending the contest until October 20th. Come on guys!


Hello gamers! Here is another contest for you:

Take a picture of something beautiful from your location for Patricia.




Seal drawings winners are here!

Sorry this took so much time. We’ll try to be faster next time. Here are the winners, everyone gets a copy of DOTA 2. That’s all that we can offer at this time… Only their first names are given here to avoid any controversial comments and bad behavior ;) 1st Place – Javier   2nd Place – Jozef   3rd Place – Leonardo

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Here’s another contest!

Hey guys! Here is another contest for you: Draw a seal for Patricia. Send your drawings to: contest@steamunpowered.eu The rules are: be creative, be fun and be offensive! Go! The best ideas win free, Steam redeemable games. Winners gonna be announced around May June 10th (Friday).


Contest results are here! Yeahhh!

Here we go:

1st Place goes to Victor Gonyi aka mr piperoman



Hi Patricia,
I don’t know if my roomie finally sent our photos for the contest… he is climbing, so, I send our photo. The photo is the AFTER, but we considered necessary to attach some photos of the process to probe we are not cheating and we really was cooking!
Patricia, we putted the batteries to cook for you. I hope this will be the best meat cooked ever, It has healthy prime Material (the food) and a lot of love to make it. (Not love, in the way corporal fluids, the bad way we mean). Kisses, big fans…
The good one is THE AFTER, but we need to put the BEFORE, and some of the process.





The contest is now over!

Winners are to be announced in few hours... we decided to pick 5 meals just because you guys sent so many pictures and most of them were cool! Stay tuned! :) Update: We already know who won but we're still waiting for games to giveaway to come through... ;)


Contest winners announcement!

Alright here are the winners for "Draw a horse for Patricia." contest. 1st place: Kalin1223 Patricia hasn't seen horse that fat before. It's very creative and funny.   First place prizes: 2nd place: mr pipero man Second place prizes: 3rd place: youyy mioif Third place prizes: Game codes should be in your e-mail box by now. Of course all of the prizes are Steam redeemable. We are really thankful for all the…


Who wants free games this week? Contest!

Yo!! I'm in a good mood today. Who wants to get some free Steam games?! Wanna have a chance to win some free games? Do this: Draw a horse for Patricia. Send your drawings to: contest@steamunpowered.eu Winners will be announced on Tuesday. Be creative, be fun and be offensive! Go! Edit: You guys are hilarious, keep them coming!!! Tell your friends.


Spring Giveaway 2013 is here!

Here it is guys! Now you have another chance to win some free games. Enter the lottery now and answer few short questions and stuff. The lottery is totally random (winners are picked by our automated system). Winners will be announced on March 31st. Game CD-Keys, gifts or any other delivery methods will be sent to you by private message system on our website. There are no restrictions here, you…


Update: One invite for Google Ingress

And the winner is: KARSTEN FRANKE Have fun playing Ingress. Oh and just a suggestion... whole SteamUnpowered crew is on enlightened side ;-) -------- Please leave a comment below to have a chance of winning one ingress invite. The contest ends tomorrow at 3 PM. The winner will be picked at random and will receive the code through private messages system on the website. You need an Android device to run this app.


L4D2 Banner Contest – Vote results

The L4D2 Banner Contest voting is now over. The 1st place and the Penumbra Collector Pack are going to: PhanracK with Entry #2. Congratulations! The 2nd place goes to: Torabi with Entry #1. The 3rd place goes to: BadHabit with Entry #4. The 4th place goes to: Dreg with Entry #3. Thanks for your awesome submissions guys. :) Phanrack: Please let us know what eMail address you would like your…