The era of game keys is coming to an end

Recently Ubisoft signed some kind of deal with Genba Digital and it seems that you won’t be able to register standard game keys (CDKeys) on UPlay in the future. You will be able to purchase the desired title to your Ubi account and that’s it.

The end of game key sites?

Pretty much everyone who plays games – especially on PC – used a game key somehow, whether it’s from a game bundle, retail copy or some CDKey website. Their goal is to keep their client base on UPlay and that’s pretty understandable. For us it means higher prices, no way to sell your own key or no way to give something away unless it’s a gift card.

Google Stadia, GeForce Now, XCloud/Game Pass and more – Netflix for games is almost here!

Its more than possible that in around 5 years some titles are going to be bound to an exclusive platform but maybe thanks to that you won’t be stuck with a specific hardware like a console, computer or a phone? Even hardcore Linux fans shouldn’t face any problems if they play on streaming services.

Nobody believed the guys from Winamp when they wanted to create a streaming service for music (remember SHOUTcast?) and even though Winamp died we now have Spotify, Tidal, Deezer – music from around the globe in your pocket, everyone ignored and even laughed at the idea of Netflix (remember the DVDs?) and finally even our lord and savior Gabe Newell had some major problems when he introduced the idea of downloadable games to the people out there (I think it was Microsoft back then).

It’s coming and there’s nothing you can do about it.

The end of modding?

Everything is heading to the cloud and server based games aren’t going to be moddable at first but they will probably introduce the option somehow for additional cash.

Businesses like price comparison engines, websites are all coming to an end and it has its cons and pros. I’m very curious how this develops further.


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