The Division’s player count dropped 93% since it’s launch!

I really fucking hated that game after I’ve reached the maximum level. The story part was awful, boring and dull. Coop was somewhat fun, playing with 3 other people is always fun – even if it’s the worst crap, I mean at least you can laugh your ass off. But killing enemies was nowhere near as fun as Borderlands series for example. According to githyp: “At one point, The Division‘s current player count ranked as high as #3 on Steam… now it sits at #43”.

Division Stats

The Dark Zone in this game sounded cool at first, you know you have to roam around with your crew and kill either some bots on the map, which were extremely difficult to kill, or some other “agents”. Turned out other agents are a bunch of assholes using cheats and scripts allowing them to “no clip” the whole map, god mode, infinite ammo etc. The drop that you received after killing the bots was really shitty and not worth your time. They supposedly fixed this after few weeks but none of my friends played this game by then.

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This game is a bad joke and nothing is going to save it, don’t you buy it even if it’s for $1. I only feel bad for it’s original developers, they had a cool idea and Ubisoft probably fucked it up.



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