Quick look at Russian Subway Dogs!

Welcome, comrades! Are you looking for a fast-paced arcade game inspired by the real-life stray dogs of the Moscow metro? Can you steal enough food to survive? Grab the Russian Subway Dogs now! It's a fun little, indie game - you'll need an Xbox One controller for this one to make it really fun. Couple of screenshots below along with an official trailer. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=30RgX6dljIo More info about the game: A…


Quick look at Punch Club

Hey guys, here's another quick look at - this time it's an awesome indie game Punch Club. I really like the humor in this one for some reason. The main goal in the game is to train hard and become a badass fighter. First you need to do some jobs, like deliver pizza, work at construction site etc. although you don't really do any of these on your own, you…


Quick look at It came from space, and ate our brains!

Here's a quick look at It came from space, and ate our brains. This game is a nice wave shooter where you have to put down some nasty aliens, check it out below :D It's a small indie game created by Triangle Studios, it allows single player and coop multiplayer (online and local!) gameplay modes - which should be a lot more fun in the latter. The multiplayer is cross-platform and locally…


Quick look at Deponia Doomsday

Just got a another fun title to show you guys, Deponia Doomsday is a new installment of the award-winning Deponia series developed by German studio Deadelic Entertainment. If you haven't heard of Deponia before I think you're gonna like it, especially if you're a fan of games such as Monkey Island or other older 2D point and click games! The game tells a story of Rufus, a guy with wild dreams of escaping…


RAGE QUIT: Why Killing Floor 2 sucks

Some of you probably now that there's a free weekend for Killing Floor 2 (EARLY ACCESS) and they have again lowered the price of this non-finished game 33% off. Are they fucking serious? They have probably ran out of money for development at this point and had to do something to lure people into buying this. What do we have here? Here is what I and my friends hate about…


Quick look at HATRED

Who doesn't like some violence in games? Anyone? I thought so. Just finished a couple of hours with HATRED. I really thought it would be kind of overhyped title, with all the Steam Greenlight drama that happened few months ago. I was wrong. The game is pretty entertaining even though it has a pretty controversial, sick concept. The guns feel nice and the destruction around you (houses, furniture, cars etc)…

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Quick Look at – Thea: The Awakening

Here's a quick look at the brand new early access game - Thea: The Awakening. Just got a copy for testing and it's a really nice game with elements of Civilization series and more. Check it out! The game is pretty simple. You have to take care of your mortal villagers and help them survive in the dangerous world of Thea. The whole story is set in a Slavic mythology and to me names…


Quick look at SKYHILL, new point and survive game!

I used to play a lot of point and click games back in the day (Secret Files: Tunguska FTW!) and always liked the genre and now I've just received a really fun title to test - it's called SKYHILL. It seems like an original game, at least I didn't have a chance to play something similar yet. The idea is to get down from a really high building and survive, you…


Quick look at Shadowrun Chronicles thanks to Games Rocket!

Just got another game from Games Rocket for testing - this time it's Shadowrun Chronicles, an Early Access game developed by Cliffhanger Productions and published by Nordic Games GmbH as part of Jordan Weisman's Shadowrun fictional universe. The game was crowdfunded on Kickstarter. The game is a tactical action RPG in isometric 3D. It has a single player mode and 4-player co-op mode as well which is probably why I'm into this…


Review – Left 4 Dead 2


Finally, it is here. The most hated and most expected game. The launch was delayed, like usually, but fortunately only few hours, not months or years :) The game is here. And ready to be played. Are you ready to survive?

Left 4 Dead 2 has new and really cool features, but game itself is filled with several bugs. You may get stuck inside a wall/table or and cannot move! Your AI controlled team members are morons of the year and do not always stick with you, so can happen that if you are incapacitated, you’ll watch your player to be totally wiped out, because AI bots cannot calculate the right way and will not come to rescue you! When somebody starts a fire, your AI controlled moron may walk right inside that fire and start screaming in pain and lose hitpoints! You probably remember that video that was posted here before, where human player fell over the edge of balcony and team of morons came to “help” him up, two of them stumbled and fell over the edge too and then the last AI idiot jumped over the edge and fell down, I mean totally down. And similar things happen very often. I think that Valve polished their Director so much but didn’t even try to make AI controlled bots smarter and competitive.

Single player (also multiplayer, if teammates are AI controlled) drives you nuts because of those idiot bots and bugs. Multiplayer is pretty okay, it has 5 of different multiplayer game types (co-op campaign, realism, versus, survival and scavenge) and it’s fun to play.

The game is definitely worth owning/playing. If you’re in Tier 1, then ask your Tier 2/UK friend to make a Christmas gift or simply wait for the weekend deal or other good deals. Or if you really hate your wallet, you can buy this game for 50€. But just look at the screens or play the demo and you will see, it is a pretty damn good game.

But enough of whining, let’s get to the cake! :)

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Review: Torchlight

As you all know, in the beginning Runic God created the heaven and the earth. And the earth was without form, and void; and Ember was upon the face of the deep. And Runic God said, Let there be light: and there was Torchlight. And Runic God saw the light, that it was good: and Runic God divided the Torchlight from the Ember.

Anyway, let’s get to the game now :) Game should run smoothly on every computer that is bought within last 2-4 years, because requirements are so low. Although everywhere is said that it takes ~400mb disk space, it is not quite right. It takes 540mb  (840 according to Steam) on my disk… For so less megabytes, so much good stuff, it’s amazing.

The game is mix-up from various cool RPG games – pets from Nethack; graphics style from Warcrafts; fishing from WoW; randomized dungeons from Nethack, Rogue or Dungeon Master; going deeper underground as in Diablo 1; imbuing items like in Diablo 2. And almost all of those features were in Torchlight ancestor game-serie called Fate.

As I read from forums, that you can level til 100, and I am only 38 or so, when finished Ember Mines. Now I am heading to Shadow Vault and I am not taking you along. This means that you have to figure out what happens next by yourself :)

Torchlight MMO comes in about 2 years – article here. And Diablo III is pushed to year 2011 :( Article and picture here. This means, that we have lot of time to spend with Torchlight!

I recommend everyone to grab this excellent game with cheap and fair price ($20/16£/16€).

May the torchlight be with you!

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Review: Mini-Ninjas Demo

Here’s another mini-review, this time of the new adventure-platform game:

You guys probably know how hard it is to find good adventure-platform games on computers – and almost nothing at all when it comes to new titles.

Fortunately Mini Ninjas from Eidos will change everything.


Zeno Clash

Here’s another mini-review, this time of Source engine based indie game – Zeno Clash.

Since I have Internet access I started to play single-player games less. I mean what’s the point? Fighting against computer bots is just boring in most cases, but this game’s artwork really drew my attention – and not only the visuals are great, the whole story and game play just amazed me.