Quick look at Pode, giveaway inside!

Update: And the winner is Julie!

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If you’re looking to play some family friendly games during the worldwide COVID-19 quarantine there’s nothing better than a puzzle coop game with your kids or significant other.

Here’s a quick look at Pode!

Pode is a cooperative exploration puzzle game – although you can still play it on your own, it’s just not as fun. It’s a magical story about a rock and a star that has fallen down from the sky. Together they travel through the world solving mysteries in beautiful Norwegian scenery.

Bulder and Glo travel the mountain waking up the world while they go to find ancient civilization. The coop element is crucial in this game. With Bulder you can move rocks and surfaces while Glo brings everything to life – plants, trees and all other living things.

The game is very user friendly and has multiple languages in the Options screen: English, Norwegian, Swedish, Portuguese (+Brazilian Portugese), Spanish (EU and Latino), Russian, Turkish, French, German, Polish, Suomi, Italian, Hindi, Japanese and Chinese.

You can play this one with literally everyone!

The graphic options are pretty limited, can’t really change much other than V-Sync and screen resolution. But the game itself is not really demanding on hardware so you should be able to play this even on your toaster.

The game does not have any native online coop mode so watch out if you want to play this one with your friends online.

Check out a couple of screenshots below:

You can find out more about the game by visiting their official website.

Here is the original trailer for Nintendo Switch, which is pretty much the same as PC version:

Pode giveaway

Leave a comment under this post (on website not social media channels!) to have a chance to win one copy of the game, the winner will be announced on Sunday, April 5th in the morning around 10:00 CET.

Good luck!



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  1. Eduardo Colnago Gonçalves Avatar
    Eduardo Colnago Gonçalves


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  3. Daniel Avatar

    Yes please :)

  4. Remus Dovincescu Avatar
    Remus Dovincescu

    This is a great game to play with my old man

  5. MRani Avatar

    Let’s try my luck ! Thank you !

  6. Pal Avatar

    the die is cast

  7. Terry Avatar

    Let’s try my luck :)

  8. Frode Losvik Avatar

    yes i feel lucky :D looks like my type of game.

  9. shutii Avatar

    Thank you for doing this! This is a very big help specially in our current situation. Thanks and stay safe!

  10. Julie Avatar

    I wanna win :D

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    I want please

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