Quick look at Punch Club

Hey guys, here’s another quick look at – this time it’s an awesome indie game Punch Club.

Punch Club 08-04-2016 10-45-05-960

I really like the humor in this one for some reason. The main goal in the game is to train hard and become a badass fighter.

First you need to do some jobs, like deliver pizza, work at construction site etc. although you don’t really do any of these on your own, you just watch your character do the job and earn money while your bars decrease. What bars? It’s just like in The Sims series, you have 4 bars that you have to take care of: health, food, happiness and strength. You need to maintain those in a nice balance to be able to work, fight and exercise.

Here’s the first 20 minutes of gameplay:

As you see on the video you need to buy food at the grocery store, sleep and do some other stuff to survive – all that while waiting for various fighting leagues to start, where you can fight some skilled opponents.

Punch Club 08-04-2016 10-49-48-562

When it comes to fighting you need to plan it and put the right skills in the Active skills area – depending on your opponent’s skills. At first you only have 3 skills: punch, block and dodge. You will earn more of these gradually as the game progresses.

Couple of screenshots here:

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The game runs extremely smooth as it’s just classic 2D game. It should run just fine even on old potato laptops.

I wasn’t expecting this title to be this fun :D by looking at screenshots I thought it would be some sort of Double Dragon copy but I was wrong. It’s a really nice turn based game that everyone should try.

Thanks to Games Rocket for providing me with a copy of the game for testing!


Check out Punch Club for €9.21 €8.94 – it’s Steam redeemable!

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