RAGE QUIT: Why Killing Floor 2 sucks

Some of you probably now that there’s a free weekend for Killing Floor 2 (EARLY ACCESS) and they have again lowered the price of this non-finished game 33% off. Are they fucking serious?

They have probably ran out of money for development at this point and had to do something to lure people into buying this.

What do we have here? Here is what I and my friends hate about this game:

  • the game came out on April 21st – almost 9 months ago and their baby is not even close to being finished
  • we had 2 or 3 major updates for this game, the last update added a new class along with crates, keys and some other cosmetic bullshit and broke the game
  • the game currently crashes for a lot of people, it’s very unstable (more beta testers needed? lets make a free weekend!)
  • the new Farmhouse map looks ugly, it has 2D sprites on it’s borders (it’s literally a square) and it looks like from the 90s

  • the world is clipped so the bots wouldn’t go on top of everything, their AI is bullshit so they clipped the maps and limited the player areas to minimum
  • those fucking black windows on buses, what the fuck? and when you shoot at them they behave like concrete, you can’t even shoot through them, it’s Unreal Engine 3 not Quake engine

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  • hit sounds are horrible (the ones when you get hit, fall off), sounds like the character is vomiting
  • some gun shots sounds are retarded, especially the new primary handgun sound
  • the world feels indestructible and static (you can’t jump on barrels, some stairs, railings etc, you can’t destroy anything on the map – in 2015 it’s funny)
  • the Polish translation is a disaster

Summing up if you counted on a really fun shooter just like the original Killing Floor you will be disappointed after few hours. Additonally it’s a big joke to do another sale during the early access period. Loyal fans hate that and I have considered myself one (got the Deluxe version on launch). Not anymore ;)

This is the last Tripwire Interactive game I’ve invested in. I thought that after Red Orchestra 2 they couldn’t do the same mistake again.


Rating: 2.0/5. From 4 votes.


I run this place! :D

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  1. newbzero

    Man it stinks that a company that was successful with one game decided to capitalize on the fact that they created a good game mode and built a game around that decided to make a game with updated graphics and rules.

    Rating: 1.0/5. From 1 vote.
  2. Jzt

    It’s so god damn laggy that it just ruins the entire experience. The health bar is my biggest bitch. Unreliable, stuck, not representative of character health in 90% of the games played. Why even have it on the screen if it simply fucks you up? 125….oh ok….BAM….a god damn bump from the weakest enemy sends you from 125 to zero? Time and time again to the point that I’m deleting it.

    Rating: 5.0/5. From 1 vote.
  3. Infyrin

    This game is fucking garbage. It’s surprisingly inferior to the more fun predecessor!

    – They managed to make the A.I more fucking annoying than it needs to be. Hitboxes on certain zeds like Crawler and even Scrake are shoddy at best, to boot. Zeds even spawn where it’s just one of them lurking about, waiting to just come up behind you while fighting a crowd of zeds. Oh cool, they can grab you and whip you around enough times where you lose a little direction of where you are in the map.

    – Level 20 Gunslinger, yet reloads like it’s at base level by 2x the speed. Level 6 Sharpshooter in KF1, reloaded significantly by a second.

    – Not a lot of weapons for the perks, feels like they could use more.

    – Gunslinger is a waste of a perk. Basically, it just ripped everything that should have been on Sharpshooter and calls itself a new perk. Big deal, you’re duel wielding pistols and the aiming are sloppy with each hand! What the fuck gives? Sharpshooter, was a universal perk in KF1, it focused primarily on headshots, no matter the weapon but it favored on duel wielding, say, handcannons. Sharpshooter’s purpose in KF2 is watered down thanks to Gunslinger. Gunslinger can go fuck itself.

    – This game has a lot of gatekeepers in the community. Didn’t play everything on Hard or Hell on Earth? Didn’t play the game for more than 500 hours? Didn’t level up past 5? Well you don’t HAVE an opinion on the game!

    – Almost none of the music is present day material. “Turn Your Back and Run” by Demon Hunter, for example, is from 2002. This is what? a 2015/2016 game? Are we playing one of the team member’s playlist or something?

    – Progressing in the game is very tedious. KF1 had the idea down and you can go up to Level 6 and no more. What makes TripWire think that going up to Level 25 doing the same damn things for hours on end is any better?

    Fuck KF2 and take it’s microtransaction market and shove it up it’s ass.

    Rating: 5.0/5. From 2 votes.
  4. nightshadow

    hunshiki “– No/very-little penetration is retarded.
    I have a .50 cal DESERT EAGLE and I can headshot ONE zombie, maybe two if I am very lucky? What the shit?
    This is what made KF1 great, when you took that crossbow and split 15 heads with one shot.”

    you dont see a balance issue with only requiring 1 shot to kill 15 enemies? THAT is the joke not the lack of being able to do it again in the sequel

    “– Remove Medic auto target. It’s dumb. KF1 needed skilled medics, especially in the times of total chaos.
    That made it fun.”

    i havent played kf1 and im only playing 2 cause its free for ps+ owners like myself this month :P and quite frankly never heard of the game till i seen it was free

    but my point being even with that lack of experience that ALREADY sounds like an asinine game design if you are FORCING your medics to “git gud” then chances are you are you are going to end up making more people rage quit over getting a shitty medic then those who will be willing to stick it out

    seriously i think more games have ended in mass rage quit over shit medics on the first game BECAUSE of that “git gud” bs and i didnt even play kf1 yet if i google it im sure ill find plenty of threads bitching about bad medics lol so THATS why medics got auto aim so that even your 3 yo can be a decent medic at the very least instead of being a BURDEN to the team

    with that being said the rest of what you said i somewhat agree to completely agree with but i felt i should point out those 2 of the stupidest things you said :P

    Rating: 5.0/5. From 2 votes.
  5. Blackboi

    Hello 9% that don’t like the game.

    Rating: 2.0/5. From 4 votes.
  6. Master Debator

    honestly my gaming laptop cant even run it without huge fps drops. I cant change any graphics/ control settings because my mouse cursor only goes to the top left quadrant of the screen. i can see the buttons i want to click on, but i just cant.
    Refund is in process. Ive never been so triggered by such an average game, and its my first refund. KF2 sucks. period.

    Rating: 5.0/5. From 2 votes.
  7. KFPLAyer

    YEa i wish i never bought KF2, but i was a KF fan boy. Wouldnt give this company another nickel.

    Rating: 5.0/5. From 2 votes.
  8. hunshiki

    @Cyber: Uhm… after like 20 bullets in both games, you have a sense of where “center” is.
    And even if you ever missed that, it took only 1 bullet again to know where the next shot will land.

    @Stranded: Agreed, but there are other negative points as well.
    Hell I even wrote a review about them, and managed to collect quite a few of downvotes. Anyway.
    – They should have picked UE4.
    – World should be destructible, more lively to some extent at least.
    – Guns are boring, dull.
    – Only a few guns per class. It’s easy to make a new class if it only comes with ~4 guns.*
    * I know about the high-FPS animation thing, but it does not apply to every weapon.
    – Classes too. (Demo and Pyro? I fall asleep when I play those, it’s awful.)
    – No/very-little penetration is retarded.
    I have a .50 cal DESERT EAGLE and I can headshot ONE zombie, maybe two if I am very lucky? What the shit?
    This is what made KF1 great, when you took that crossbow and split 15 heads with one shot.
    – PhysX effects look like a joke. I have “FULL” enabled, and the guts look silly, bugged, weird.
    – Permanent blood looks silly.
    – Medic – what is it? Medic? Warrior? With auto aim? Pants-on-head retarded.
    Buff his healing capabilities, or just give his guns to a new class, and make a new medic class.
    But right now its a clusterf.ck.
    – Class balance is totally messed up.

    I am lucky the game was like 50% of an AAA title. Less money wasted.
    But still, I could have spent my dosh on something better.

    What I think the game should have:
    – Some new AI, with new spawn system. Similar to L4D’s The Director. Something new, something unique.
    Putting 50 mobs behind the player is not very unique.
    – Dynamic Difficulty. Adjust monster count based on people’s number. Do not make them so artificially strong.
    Add skills to them, add numbers, mix it up, but just adding HP to a monster is lame. (See Scrake/FP, bullet sponge #1 and #2.)
    Monster types could also come sooner, like Scrake in Wave 3 if team is strong enough. Again, NOT this OP/dumb Scrake.
    – Remove Medic auto target. It’s dumb. KF1 needed skilled medics, especially in the times of total chaos.
    That made it fun.
    – Dynamic maps are now hip, but that would also makea good fun mode.
    Like Rush in Battlefield, have the players move towards an objective.
    Kinda like what they added to KF1, but something more ‘refined’.
    Those Objective modes in KF1 felt like weak modded maps.

    I am not paid to come up with ideas, but Tripwire is supposed to have people for that.
    And people who implement those. Yet, there is no content, rarely any updates, etc.
    Maybe Tim Schafer took over Tripwire’s lead?

    Rating: 5.0/5. From 1 vote.
  9. LoGa

    Thanks for your little review. Seems that the game developers just want more and more money. That sux

    Rating: 5.0/5. From 1 vote.
  10. Cyber Killer

    At least you get a crosshair (unlike in KF1 – that one is unplayable, so frustrating not being able to aim at anything) :-).

    Rating: 1.0/5. From 1 vote.

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